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why I'm a feminist.

In Las Vegas this week, Metro Police Sergeant Henry Prendez was shot and killed while responding to a domestic violence call. Neighbors and the victim called police to alert them that a neighborhood resident was being beaten with a stick by her boyfriend, Amir Crump. 

When police responded, Crump ambushed the first officer on the scene--Sgt. Prendez--opening fire with an assault rifle (legal in Nevada). He also succeeded in wounding another officer before return fire killed him. News reports indicate that the perpetrator fired dozens, even hundreds of rounds.

Over the following days, it's been revealed that police had been forced to intervene in Crump's relationships in the past. An outcry is rising over the fact that these phone calls never resulted in a referral to Metro's domestic violence unit, nor did he ever receive counselling or anger-management training. "A tragedy could have been averted!" is the plaintive lament. "That officer might still be alive!"

Not to downplay Sgt. Prendez's enormous courage and his sacrifice (which I do honor, and mourn), or his family's pain, but I find it curious that Crump's behavior wasn't a source of community outrage when the person he was working on killing was his girlfriend.
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