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I Quit Day

I'm not actually sure if I'm sending out multiple subs or not. *g*

But I've had a story at Asimov's for 115 days, and I could resubmit it on the off chance that it was lost (Although given comment on the Rumor Mill and elsewhere, there may be a big pile of slush sitting on a desk somewhere, overlooked--there seem to be a few other writers running about as long)--but I've decided I'm going to send them the next story I was going to send them instead.

What the hell. Pile that slush deep, boys and girls. Feh. I just wish Gardner kept records, so I could query.

Oh, well.

I'm moody tonight anyway. Must be that post-novel ennui, because it's coming with a big giftwrapped present from the suck monkey. I've got the never-gonna-sell-a-short-story-again blues.... it comes and goes.

At least the novel doesn't suck today.

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