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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

400 years in three tenths of a second

(images used for educational purposes only, of course.)

Ain't virtual archaeology grand?

I was guessing from memory on the location of some things, because my own books and maps are still packed, but I guarantee I'm not off more than, oh, mebbe a mile. ;-) Also, that's the new Globe, not the old Globe. The old Globe, I believe, is under an off ramp or something and would be a bit, what, west? of the current location. In a swamp. Near a bear pit. Yay!


The Old Globe

You see that pin for the Rose Theatre Trust?

Imagine another pin just to the southwest, so the edges of both pins touch.

The two theaters were on opposite corners of the same street. I'm sure folks in the Rose could hear loud cheers from the Globe and vice versa. [One of the reasons the Rose closed was the competition.]

BTW, while in London, rosamund and I managed to track down the site of the Old Dutch; and the book on Walking Shakespeare's London (which I strongly recommend you get) shows the site of Marlowe's lodging's.

Last night when I couldn't sleep, I started making a list of travel tips for you, but they're still rather disorganized.

You going to be in Boston for any time before or after Boskone when we could talk? If not, I'll see you @ your Friday night literary beer...

Re: The Old Globe

[That should be the Old Dutch Church, where the libel was posted.]

Google Earth Placemarks

I just checked my own Google Earth.
Use Advanced to set the exact Lat/Long:
Globe Theatre:
0° 5'39.60"W
(zoom way in and you can see the semicircular outline)
Dutch Church:
0° 5'8.29"W
Marlowe's lodgings:
0° 4'41.53"W

Re: Google Earth Placemarks

Thanks! Very cool!

Re: The Old Globe

Yeah, I know where it is--I just didn't bother putting it in because I was bored by then. *g* I also know where Marlowe's lodgings were as well, more or less; it's in one of the books I have in storage.

I'm actually going more to scout specific sites than sightsee, so anything that's not there anymore is not on my list to visit. But I'm happy to entertain suggestions.

And, yanno, I'll be around the con. Call me and we'll set up a date to meet and have a sandwich or something?

Re: The Old Globe

Still, I found it useful to get a sense of perspective. I was reading an AU set in London on the flight home (Stroud, Ptolemy's Gate) and it disturbed me that the locations were no longer just names, but I *knew* where they were. As I described it to Ian, I gained a half-point in area knowledge London.

One more site for your list is the George Inn; the last surviving Elizabethan galleried inn. Mind you, (a) it burned down in the 1600s but was immediately rebuilt, and (b) only one wall remains rather than being surrounded by three, but it does give a good sense of the relative height of the galleries and size of the innyard. It's just a little way south of London Bridge.

And, yanno, I'll be around the con. Call me and we'll set up a date to meet and have a sandwich or something?

Most definitely.

Re: The Old Globe

Oo. Good one. Thank you!

Re: The Old Globe

The George Inn is majorly cool. We stumbled onto it by accident when we were in London. Spouse and kids just about couldn't get me to leave :)