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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Carnival has an Amazon listing. It looks like I get to keep the title (yes, Virginia, this is sometimes how we find there things out) and the release date is October 31st. Start your, er, calendars.

Yay, Halloween!

No cover art, yet, and Amazon as usual is ahead of everybody else, so if you want to hold out for Booksense or Powell's or what have you, keep checking their listings.

Speaking of which, more catwaxing for writers, agents, editors, and publishers: TitleZ tracks Amazon sales ranks.

Ph34r them.


Woo hoo! It's a real book! Well, realer, at any rate... Very cool.
Thanks. Snoopy is my muse :-)
I'm making a note of the ISBN and going off to bother my library. And my nearest bookshops. Maybe one of them will manage to get it in...
Woot. That is an *excellent* release date. Congrats.
Apparently the book will have masks on the cover. Somebody in Marketing is funny.
I think authors obsessing over Amazon.com says more about how few hard stats publishers really give authors than anything else.

This is very true.

Someone told me years ago that the average title does as well in the average brick and mortar as it does on Amazon. FWIW, I think the Amazon numbers are somewhat higher, but they're still nothing to get excited over.

And yet I still check my numbers every day...
*runs to check the Amazon rank*

Posted purely as an excuse to use this icon
Um, actually, titles can and do change after Amazon gets the listing. ISBNs can't, thankfully, or not without a metric buttload of effort.

Thankfully, this hasn't happened to me yet.
It did to me, she recalled. The original title of RULES OF CONFLICT was ANARCHY RULES, and that title made it onto either the B&N or Amazon page. Things did get changed eventually. I think I let my agent/editor know.
Start your, er, calendars.

Vroom, vroom.
Yay! *dances* Samhain'll be good this year! :)