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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Insight into the process.

Paul Youll, my esteemed perpetual cover artist (I'm currently taking bets on whether the cover for Carnival will be Paul's work, too) has posted three different versions of the cover art for Blood & Iron on his website.

This is the final cover, with art direction.

This is cover art #1.

This is #2.

And the final version pre-graphics.

I actually think I like #1 the best. The lion is great, and I love Matthew's jacket in that one. It suits him.

Go figure. Although Matthew's hair is right in #2.

I probably shouldn't tell you that I cam up with a title for the contemplated third book in the Blood & Iron/Whiskey & Water chunk of the Promethean Age timeline, should I? Especially since I have The Stratford Man, The Journeyman Devil, and One-Eyed Jack to sell and then a bunch of other Promethean Age books that are waiting their turn in the barrel. (Balm & Oil, Rag & Bone, Unsuitable Metal, Posthumous Jonson, the Matthias Corvinus book, the India book, et cetera)

Of course, the really embarrassing thing is that the title's been staring me in the face for years and I never twigged to it.

Patience & Fortitude, of course.


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Ditto. It's much more dynamic.

The first thing I thought when I saw it was: "Holy shit! It's Aslan!"

But now I find myself compelled to buy it because, y'know, I dig Aslan.
I like the lion in #1, too -- looks like he's ripping himself out of the stone. But the focus is definitely on the lion, rather than the guy, which is probably what they wanted fixed. Also, keeping the lion in the standard pose makes it immediately recognizable as the NY Public Library lion. It sort of looks like he's consulting with the lion, getting assistance from a rather unusual sort of librarian. :-)
..oddly enough...

How do book titles work? That is, is it a problem to reuse a title someone's already used? Nicholas Basbanes has a book titled Patience and Fortitude, but of course it's on a totally different topic; his is the sequel to his A Gentle Madness and is about libraries.
Nah, titles get reused all the time.

There are over 150 titles based on Hamlet's "To be or not to be" soliloquy alone: http://www.barbarapaul.com/shake/hamlet3.html
Usually the books have enough differences in subject, author, audience, etc to minimize confusion.

But heck, in the last 5 years, two different fantasy novels were published sharing the title "Ill met by moonlight" (1st by Sarah Hoyt, 2nd by Lackey)
Sweet, Paul does a great job. I like them all.
I like them both but agree that #1 is better. Well, whatryagonnado?
#1 is definitely a WTF moment cover and it's *amazing*, but possibly not where the focus should be, yeah. Still. Wow.

All these books. Go Bear!
Very nice! #1 makes the most sense wrt the lion, but they all appeal to me.
#1 is more dynamic; it looks like we're actually catching something in action. The other versions look more static and posed. The color is a bit richer, though.
#1 is far more dynamic, except that the guy looks like he's got a mullet, and for some reason that bothers me. Looks the same in the final version, too. But then, I'm not sure which is more valuable in cover art: dynamic or static. I'm trying to think of covers, and the majority that come to mind are all static. Odd, that.
I also prefer cover #1. Not just the lion, but something about Matthew's position and pose that makes him stand out more.

[Do authors get any option on buying their cover art?]

Still, they're all a matter of degrees and there's certainly nothing WRONG with the cover you're getting...
I could probably arrange to buy the cover art if I really wanted.
"Patience & Fortitude, of course."

Sounds like a Jane Austin novel. (I love Jane Austin, so that's meant as a compliment.)

The thing I like about the cover they chose, is the protagonist looks more in charge of what's going on, there's more potential for what comes next than "the lion's going to eat me. Run away, run away!" ;)

Except Austen's "and" titles are contrasts, I thought the same thing.

Hee. Your favorite bookseller will do.
I agree with Jennifer_Dunne's comments, but man oh man, I do love #1 so much more than #2 or final.
Patience & Fortitude!

When you have cover art, of course you must blow it up and hang it on the wall next to your computer.


What is it with all the cover characters and mullets - yikes! it's not a good look. And authors don't give their characters mullets - yet artists seem to be enamored of them!

Re: Mullet?

I did pick on my poor editor about the mullet.

Really, he's got a kind of punker bob, just long enough to slick into a ponytail.

The lion is really nice though.
Have one of your characters hit a midlife crisis in the fourth novel, and call it Oil of Ulay and Chocolate?

That cover art is really very cool. Aslan's about to get owned, eh?
the lions are not Christ figures. Any christ figures are... well... other people than lions. *g*
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