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Insight into the process.

Paul Youll, my esteemed perpetual cover artist (I'm currently taking bets on whether the cover for Carnival will be Paul's work, too) has posted three different versions of the cover art for Blood & Iron on his website.

This is the final cover, with art direction.

This is cover art #1.

This is #2.

And the final version pre-graphics.

I actually think I like #1 the best. The lion is great, and I love Matthew's jacket in that one. It suits him.

Go figure. Although Matthew's hair is right in #2.

I probably shouldn't tell you that I cam up with a title for the contemplated third book in the Blood & Iron/Whiskey & Water chunk of the Promethean Age timeline, should I? Especially since I have The Stratford Man, The Journeyman Devil, and One-Eyed Jack to sell and then a bunch of other Promethean Age books that are waiting their turn in the barrel. (Balm & Oil, Rag & Bone, Unsuitable Metal, Posthumous Jonson, the Matthias Corvinus book, the India book, et cetera)

Of course, the really embarrassing thing is that the title's been staring me in the face for years and I never twigged to it.

Patience & Fortitude, of course.
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