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the undiagnosed dietary deficiency as way of life.

So, about four months ago, urged by retrobabble, I started taking fish oil and borage oil for my intractable acne. (I also started using the oil cleansing method, on cpolk's advice.) I've always had kind of lousy skin, tending to rosacea and skin plugs and zits galore, and my skin is very, very oily, a problem that got worse when I lived in dry, polluted Las Vegas. Also, one beer or fifteen minutes of exercise and I go bright red enough that people comment worriedly. Don't fret: not dying, just Irish and Ukrainian. I have no melanin to speak of, so when the capillaries blow open, it shows. (I also look really spectacular with even a mild sunburn.)

I always have had a pretty good diet, by American standards (whole grains, oatmeal, lean protein, olive oil, fruit and veggies) and I take stress vitamins when I feel myself getting run down. I probably eat a little more saturated fat and drink a little more alcohol and caffeine than is strictly good for me, and I do abuse processed sugar on occasion (I really like gourmet jelly beans, tea, good chocolate, stinky cheese, good beer, and single malt scotch), but I've taken pretty good care of myself, mostly. (Exercise has not been taken care of adequately in recent years, but that's a project for this year; getting back on the cardio, yoga, and weight lifting wagons.)

Anyway, I didn't expect any spectacular effects from the dietary supplements.

...the Omega-3, -6, and -9 treatment has worked an amazing change. I still have acne, but it's no longer the first thing one notices when looking at my face. But the thing that really boggles me is that I have fingernails. I have never been able to grow fingernails. And by that, I don't mean long fingernails. I mean fingernails that reach the ends of my fingers and show any white at all. My hair and nails are baby fine, and soft. And while the fingernails still don't reach the ends of my fingers, and I'm not sure I really want them to, because I do type about twelve hours a day, they do, in fact, currently show a good three sixteenths of an inch of white stuff.


Who would have guessed?
Tags: minor medical miracles
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