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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san


That's snow all right.

NYC has reported its second worst snowfall on record. Here in Hartford county, they're reporting 19 inches accumulation with snow continuing through this evening at a rate on ~1" an hour.

Guess it's time to put on the fuzzy socks.


Hmm. Maybe I won't have to go to work!

Crap! That would mean no time & 1/2.
Well, shucky-darn. If the weather patterns keep this up, all the cachet of living in Minnesota will be gone.
Instead here in upstate we haven't had a single flake from the storm

Nothing to be done about that--my family (Oneonta- and Albany-based) has put in stern requests that there be no serious snow until my sister delivers her baby sometime in the next few weeks. Afraid you're just gonna have to wait until March. :-)
NYC has reported its second worst snowfall on record.

Already? Wow. Here we have only about six inches so far, although there are gratifying whiteouts every time the wind picks up. I love winter. And a two-foot snowfall really would make me happy: but once again, New Haven falls behind . . .
22.8 inches in Central Park, according to suricattus
And they're not kidding. I just came in from my first round of shoveling, which I started, thank goodness, during the "lull" when it was snowing only "lightly."

Must remember to start Round 2 well before dark; shoveling at night is the pits. It's cold enough now!!
To think I'm flying a thousand odd miles tonight to experience that kinda thing... I hope you're out snowboarding in it!
We have 8" and counting here in central Massachusetts, and the main part of the storm isn't even here yet.

It's not just snowfall. The wind and drifting are vicious. Not going outside today...
Up to around a foot and a half. It's so badly drifted that I can't tell for sure how much. I'm not ever sure if it's still snowing, or just blowing around.
Where by 'worst' they mean 'awesome-est', right?

Right. *g*
I'm not that far north of you (just over the line in MA), and it looks like we have about 4-5" so far. They did say the heaviest stuff would be this afternoon, with 2-3" per hour, so we could still get a foot.

Just spoke with my Mom, who's outside of Boston, and they have over a foot and it's coming down hard.

New England is so much fun! ;)
my sister: and you're moving further _North_? To get more of this?
me: (cheeful) Yup!
Do you miss Nevada yet?

I'd say I am not going to dignify that with an answer, but I just did.

in MA

Truth is, it's blowing so hard and is so fine that I can't even estimate how much I have right now. I think I've been plowed, but even that's tough to tell!
And up here in Glasgow, we've had maybe an inch of snow all winter. Bah.

There's still a chance of a dusting some time in the next few weeks, but I'm not particularly optimistic about it. I'd be feeling vaguely disappointed, if it wasn't for the skiing trip in Sweden a few weeks back ...
And up here in Glasgow, we've had maybe an inch of snow all winter.

I have it on good authority that it's snowing in Amsterdam. No significant accumulation, however. No silver skates sighted.