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Whiskey, you're the devil, you're leadin' me astray...

...Over hills and mountains and to Americae
You're sweeter, stronger, decenter, you're spunkier than tae
O whiskey, you're my darlin' drunk or sober

So I'm still kind of poking around for the next fiction project (after the nonfic proposal packet gets written--some work will be done on tha tonight after I get back from an afternoon with Marion at the police station--although Jeremy has parked my in and gone off somewhere with Chris, so I can't leave to see her until they get back. Hmm. I *could* theoretically *walk* that far. It's only a mile and a half, two miles....

Oh, right, Vegas. It's 105 out there. No thanks.

Right. Fiction project. Anyway, the Kelpie expects he'll get a book one of these days. And I'm

1) scared of the Shakespeare novel
2) scared of the research
3) not sure it's a good idea to start writing in a fourth subgenre (historical fantasy) this early in my to-be-hoped-for career....
4) have never been to London
5) Hannah will love me more if I give her Kelpie
6) Look at what my MP3 player just kicked up.

On the other hand, I suspect if I give Jenn more than three manuscripts to read in a single year, she will break my fingers. Just to buy herself a little time.

So there's no real hurry, is there? And there's the Garrett book to think about too.


Hmm. At least my to-do list is shrinking. It's down to ten novels (two of which will never get written because one is this terrible Dark Fantasy with Evil Virgin Queens and autocannibalism and--stuff (So that idea can go back to pit which spawned it, and re-emerge in the head of SP Somtow or CS Freidman or whoever the heck was meant to get it), and the other one is a half-written police procedural with vampires, and I think there are enough of those in the world.

So, I have left six actual novel ideas:

1. A Treachery of Princes (The not-YA book in the Eddas universe)
2. The Stratford Man (historical fantasy)
3. A Garrett novel with no title yet
4. Wetwired (The Road is the Song, The Song is the Road) (in the Hammered/Scardown continuity)
5. Between the Bones (An Eddas book)
6. A Glass of Rain (sequel to Bridge)

and a novel idea--House of Masks--that's probably a novelette at best, the more I think about it. Maybe even a short. Maybe just a character and a title in search of a conflict. And a short story idea inspired by the wolves of Les Innocents in medieval Paris that may be a novel idea. Hmm. That may be the plot for the Garrett novel, actually. Hmm. That could work.

I'm unlikely to run out any time soon, I think.


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