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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

great artists steal. no, really!

So, I was reading up on Fionn mac Cumhail when this song by Neil Finn came on. Coincidence?

Or the amazing creepy psychic ability of WinAmp?

Those salmon have a cameo in Blood and Iron. Because I am a mythology slut.

Also, why am I possessed of the urge to write a sprawling dynastic second-world fantasy with a sort of Amber:Ghormengast::Upstairs:Downstairs sensibility?

Well, because it would let me dust off all the secondary characters and worldbuilding still sitting around my brain doing nothing from the "The Sins of the Fathers" and the "To Reign in Hell," campaigns, that's why. (I'm not particularly clever about naming roleplaying campaigns. But I am good at characters. And I recycle them constantly. Hey, they're just standing around in my head taking up space. Besides, all that fantasy worldbuilding is hard work.)

Next question: how the hell do I do that without also ripping off skzbrust egregiously? Because outright stealing is fine, but copycatting is tacky.

Memo: no assassins. Also, no cooking. And miniature dragons are right out.

That whole Order/Chaos yin/yang dichotomy could lift nicely, though. And the idea of the Cosmic Egg that I used in TRiH. (I don't feel too bad about swiping from Roger what he swiped from the Tuatha de Danaan, really. Though I'd give the Nuadha thing a rest.)

Well, it would let me do something with Barnhard and Dana and Jacob Dust and the Three Daughters of a Wicked Queen...

Oh, this is all Suzanne Vega's fault. And if I'm robbing Roger's grave, it gives me the excuse to name a character Benedick that I've been looking for for the past fifteen years.

Now I know my words seem strange to you
But if you wait until my song is sung
And the story's told
You might come to understand
Why I'm old and bent and Devil-spent...

Oh, yeah. These guys want a job.

Well, they're just going to have to wait their turn.

It's even got a title, if I dig around in the Shakespeare in my head. Come to Dust. ETA Or, even better, if I can figure out how to write it as SF rather than fantasy (because I need a new SF idea much more than I need another fantasy setting), I could go for one of those nifty, oh so lit'ry one-word titles like Vellum or Light or Air. Like Dust, maybe. I'm sure the critical establishment would be forced to take a book with a title like Dust seriously.

How come the book I'm supposed to be writing isn't this co-operative?


Is it wrong that about the third thing I thought after looking at Come to Dust as a title was, "A maid service!"
Because then it would be easy, and it wouldn't be fun.

This sounds like good fun to read, I have to say.

What I have in mind is, picture Upstairs, Downstairs in a Castle Amber that is also Ghormenghast. Though not either, really, of course.

That would be... just a romp. *g*
Romps is goods. (My Ghormenghast-that-isn't idea is to transplant A Fish Dinner in Memison into it, with nymphs and satyrs instead of gods. If that makes any sense.)

I don't know the source text, alas.
E.R. Eddison rocks my world.

Well, not The World Ourobouros -- that's mostly silly. But the Zimaivian books are one of the few clear influences on Amber.

The harder to get, the better to have! =)

Yeah, world building for games IS a lot of work, and finding ways to strip out the system identifiers so the setting can be used is a good time.

If you give in to the seduction, you know that the story will suddenly or gradually cease to be cooperative, and another will beckon...
I wonder if I can turn it into SF. because I need an Sf novel much more than I need a fantasy novel, right now.
I would point out that 'Lashups' and the big smugglers-den gather in the middle of nowhere from Brian Daley's Jinx on a Terran Inheritance trilogy might be a useful jumping-off place for an amorphously complex multi-spaceship aristocratic, Gormenghastian dwelling.


... is perfectly acceptable -- but only steal from the best.

As for fantasy into science fiction, was it not Clarke who said something about sufficiently advanced technology being indistinguishable from magic?
I'd read that book. Mmm.
An Amber:Ghormengast::Upstairs:Downstairs sensibility story could be combined with Asimov's World/City from the Foundation/Empire stuff very nicely to provide a SF setting. Sort of like Chung Kuo: the middle kingdom, only done better.
Maybe the book you're supposed to be writing is holding back because it agrees that this is a neat idea and doesn't want you to miss getting the idea noted down. Once you admit that it could work and make the notes, perhaps the current book will stop being shy and hanging back.

Than again, maybe it's just a coy bitch and wants to make you hurt, and is throwing this idea in your path in order to see you suffer.
Gormenghast rocks my socks. As does mythology.

I've had ideas cross-pollinating in both directions from fiction and games. Like someone mentioned upthread of me, I ripped out the system identifiers from a whacked-out Mesoamerican supplement I created for Changeling: The Dreaming and am currently working on "Mask of Flesh," likely to be the first of many stories in that setting; in the meantime, some of my short stories glommed onto a title I had in my head, and now I'm trying to convince myself that I don't have time to write a faerie RPG.
shucks. *g*
I wrote a short-short named Dust lo these many years ago. It's even etched into glass.