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What are your influences?

So, hawkwing_lb asked a chatroom full of female SFF writers and geeks, 20-40, what they thought the most influential SF novel of the last ten years was.

[15:31] hawkwing_lb: what'd you say is the most significant SF/F novel of the last decade or so?
[15:31] secritcrush: significant in what sense?
[15:32] hawkwing_lb: most likely to/has had most influence on the genre, I guess
[15:32] matociquala: We're still waiting for a movement.
[15:33] secritcrush: maybe Accelerando, well when it was being published as stories in asimov's
[15:34] tanaise: Or Perdito Street Station, maybe?
[15:34] hawkwing_lb: I was thinking possibly Accelerando too, but then I've just finished reading it...
[15:34] matociquala: I think it might be to soon to claim Accelerando....
[15:35] matociquala: And it's more... um... the culmination of the posthuman thing than its spark...
[15:35] hawkwing_lb: There is that :-)
[15:36] matociquala: I'm looking at this Brit thing, the hard-SF/litfic fusion.
[15:36] matociquala: But I dunno if that is played too.
[15:36] secritcrush: I don't think there is anything right now that is making the world is sitting up and taking notice of
[15:37] matociquala: We've got a lot of mini-trends, but no Big Thing.
[15:37] matociquala: Not like the New Wave, say.
[15:38] katallen: I think Brit SF had always had a fliration going on with Litfic
[15:38] katallen: or... it's kind of cyclic anyhow
[15:38] matociquala: With alternating chapters, Kat?
[15:38] matociquala: *g*
[15:38] katallen: heee
[15:38] matociquala: That's the thing I keep seeing.
[15:39] matociquala: limited in its utility though.
[15:39] secritcrush: well not even the next big rising star even
[15:40] matociquala: People keep kind of poking up banners--New Weird, singularity, mundane SF... bu there's not a lot of rallying to it.
[15:40] hawkwing_lb: aimless wonderment on my part (fuelled by having to stop for breath every 20 pages in Accelerando) :-)
[15:41] matociquala: It's full of shiny ideas.
[15:41] matociquala: of course, I think post-Gothic SF is the coming thing. ;-)
[15:42] hawkwing_lb: post-Gothic?
[15:42] matociquala: or maybe neoGothic.
[15:42] matociquala: *neologizes randomly*
[15:42] katallen: heh
[15:42] matociquala: Well, it's what *I* like.
[15:43] matociquala: This stuff that Peter Watts and Robert Charles Wilson are writing.
[15:43] matociquala: And that I wish I was.
[15:43] matociquala: It's all dark and vivid and shocking and the characters actually have emotional amplitude.
[15:43] hawkwing_lb: And here I have to admit I've not heard of either of those two authors
[15:43] matociquala: And the future really is not a nice place to be.
[15:44] katallen: I think if there is another big thing it's probably around but not apparant yet
[15:44] cpolk: run don't walk. go buy Starfish by Peter Watts.
[15:44] matociquala: You can't buy it any more, Chels.
[15:44] matociquala: But he's giving it away free online
[15:44] katallen: yeah I was just going to say... I tried
[15:44] cpolk: I would actually say that Starfish is the book you're looking for.
[15:44] stillsostrange: Amazon!
[15:44] stillsostrange: I found a copy
[15:45] matociquala: Chelsea, have you read Bob Wilson's recent stuff?
[15:45] stillsostrange: but yeah, also free
[15:45] stillsostrange: But you can't hug the online version
[15:45] matociquala: 'Cause dude. Spin.
[15:45] hawkwing_lb: free online? (perhaps you have a url?)
[15:45] cpolk: I'm still waiting for Spin in Paperback.
[15:45] cpolk: Don't tell me what happens!
[15:45] matociquala: I won't.
[15:45] cpolk: And run don't walk. go buy The Chronoliths by Robert Charles Wilson.
[15:45] cpolk: and Blind Lake.
[15:46] matociquala: Actually, the Alastair Reynolds book I just read is big big ideas and end of the world, too.
[15:46] cpolk: And Darwinia.
[15:46] matociquala: Darwinia!
[15:46] matociquala: And Bios.
[15:46] cpolk: Darwinia's awesome.
[15:46] cpolk: and Bios.
[15:46] matociquala: I got an ARC of Peter's new book, Blindsight
[15:46] matociquala: omg.
[15:46] cpolk: Bios is this skinny little book that will make your throat hurt.
[15:46] katallen:
[15:46] cpolk: heh. did I get edited out, or am I still there?
[15:46] matociquala: You there
[15:47] cpolk: yay!
[15:47] hawkwing_lb: thank you v. much for the url :-)
[15:47] matociquala: It's... Accelerando, in a much nastier universe.
[15:47] katallen: (no problem)
[15:47] matociquala: Except it's not that at all.
[15:47] cpolk: of course it's so not me... because the day I drag the mate off to meet the family is the day I drag the mate off to a WFC.
[15:48] cpolk: with those shorts, read "The Second Coming of Jasmine Fitzgerald."
[15:48] cpolk: that story blew my mind so much.
[15:49] matociquala: But yeah, Blindsight has that total posthuman fast forward thing going on, with heavy duty musings about biology and fate.
[15:49] matociquala: If there is any justice, it'll get a Hugo shortlist at least.
[15:50] hawkwing_lb: my library is going to rue this day :-)
[15:50] cpolk: any justice at all.

So what do you guys think? Most influential SF book of the past ten years?
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