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Being but heavy, I will bear the light

I love living in the future.

So far today, I have looked up directions to buymeaclue's house, spied on buymeaclue's house (I did not see the yellowdog, but I looked), set up my phone, cable, internet, and electricity at the new place (which I found on Craig's List, by the way), and realized that New Zealand is both smaller and farther south than I thought it was.

And never left the couch.

I will have a warm, well-lighted place to live when I get back from Boston, and a day or two after that, I will be able to watch tv and surf the internets. This is so much easier than the last time I did it.


The future is pretty cool all right. Soon as I get me one of them little vacuuming robot thingies and train it to mix drinks, I'm never going to get up out of my porch swing again.
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