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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

O Rare Ben Jonson

I am reading Shakespeare and his Contemporaries, by Charles Nicholl. The end of his very brief biography of Ben does my little heart good, for pith, and vinegar.

Bedridden from a stroke, Jonson lived his last years at the Gate House at Westminster, with a drunken housekeeper and a pet fox.

Nicholl don't write half bad, do he? And as for Ben, you self-absorbed, mutton-faced, persnickety old bastard...

Well, I'd name a rose after you, man.



Ben Jonson.

I'd like to produce Volpone.

I don't think I've ever heard of any Jonson play being done. Ever.
Yanno, if you keep reading that book I sent you, he shows up. *g*

I love me some Ben. I sort of picture him as a the nihilistic_kid of Renaissance England, only not as good looking.

Yeah, somebody ought to put on some Ben. He's fucking funny.
Absolutely he's funny. I like his humor far better than Willie, though he's not a subtle. The fight between Ursula and everyone else in "Bartholomew Fair" is simply priceless, and so base. Excellent prose.
I adore Bartholomew Fair. How can one not love a play that ends with a puppet flashing a Puritan to win an argument? That wins at EVERYTHING.
Ben was oh so very much himself. Extremely funny... usually at somebody else's expense. A real need to justify his existence. Quick to take offense, a drunkard, a brawler, a shouter from rooftops.

Unjustly forgotten.

They've rehabilitated Kit. Surely we can rescue Ben from obscurity. He's deserving.
Tah dah.


The Alchemist "in" the Olivier in London (I love Britglish) this September. Road Trip!
Yay for Ben! I think he should have a rose named after him, too. A particularly thorny one. ;)

I think, too, that I am about the only graduate student in my department who likes Jonson. Fie on everybody! I think he's great.
I love your icon! That's such a fabulous book.
Thank you! And it is a great favorite of mine, too. :D
A thorny one. Mustard-yellow. *g* With an exceedingly sweet aroma and a stubborn habit, requiring acid soil.
YES. Not Without Mustard!

Also: ICON LOVE. *dies*
*g* The Skinhead Hamlet is where it's at.
Eee! Is that Will Kemp???
It is indeed! I made a whole slew of them a while back. :)

Perhaps a fox-and-flame-colored rose which smells stinky-like and strongly. Not a wussy pink thing. And great, big-headed blossoms.
How sad is it that we don't get Charles Nicholl as a television celebrity in the US?
They are the terrible trio to me Kit, Will, and Ben. (You could claim that the entire excuse for The Stratford Man was revising history so I could get Dead Kit Marlowe and Ben Jonson into the same room. *g*

I kind of think Will needed an asshole around to do his best work.

*pets John Fletcher on the head*

And sorry, young man; you're a nice boy, but you're just not catty enough....
On seeing the title, my memory immediately produced "... O medium well Donne." and I'm now feeling all bothered because I can't remember where it would have picked up that 'addition'.

But yes, Jonson should have a rose.