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footnotes from Boskone

Random feminist pondering of the convention: I wonder why it was that the fantasy panels seemed to run heavily to mostly-women (including women mostly known for writing SF, such as myself and Mary A. Turzillo), and most (if not all) of the panels that were mostly-women had one man on them. (In fact, I heard two men--Bruce Coville and Joshua Palmatier--joke about being the token male.) I also sort of wonder why the science fiction panels I saw ran heavily male, but there wasn't a "token female" presence on those.

No drawing any conclusions, mind you. Just making a very subjective observation.

Phrase of the convention: Greer Gilman, who said that writing that did not grow out of the "mulch of myth" would be a sort of "hydroponic literature." Much love for that.

Trenchant observation of the convention: Cory Doctorow commented (and I paraphrase) from the audience of the singularity panel to say that he had noticed that the people writing about it were all "members of the technocracy," and he wondered if the hard-SF focus on the singularity wasn't just a sort of sour grapes from geeks afraid of being outstripped by the tech. "If we can't handle it, nobody human can!"

Me, I just think the concept is being sufficiently mined (okay, so I swung past it and poked a little; I'm not innocent either) and I want to talk about something else now.
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