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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Mostly moved.

Tomorrow I go over and start unpacking, and wait for the cable guy. Then I come back here and ashacat and I go to the mall and buy things like a kitchen garbage can and so forth. She and I are very butch and accomplished at the moving thing. We keep threatening to start a moving company called Amazon Women On The Move.

Then when netcurmudgeon gets home from work we do One Last Truckload.

Then we eat. Then I nap. A lot. And start working on my page proofs.


She and I are very butch and accomplished at the moving thing. We keep threatening to start a moving company called Amazon Women On The Move.

You're hired. What're you doing the last week of March/first week of April?

Going to England. *g*
The best part is when you move in the last box, then collapse on the bed. You're done! Then the unpacking commences...
I'd either hire you or apply for a job. I'd have to think about which.

You know, I was going to go and hunt you down at Boskone on Sunday. I really was. You can ask Julian. I found directions and took notes on where you were going to be and everything.

And then it suddenly occurred to me to wonder why, now that you're within arm's reach, as it were, I would pick a day on which I could guarantee that you'd be mobbed, busy, and quite possibly both frantic and tired on which to make contact. Suddenly, it all seemed less sensible.

So....want to get together /after/ you have a trash can for your kitchen, when you're in danger of getting tired of your own name from writing it too often?
*g* I refuse to go anywhere or see anyone until late April at the earliest. My inner introvert is SCREAMING.

After that, a return trip to Boston is a distinct possibility.

How does that sound?
My own inner introvert cringes in sympathy. Late April or whenever is just *fine*.

A visit from you sounds loverly. Alternatively, some fine weekend, Julian and I could jog down to see you and you wouldn't even have to budge.

(I admit it. My own introvert tendencies were all too glad of a plausible-sounding reason why trying to connect with you at a con would be a bad idea. But I do think it was true, as well as welcome.) :)
I would have been happy to see you. But very scattered.

this comment stamped "no reply warranted"

Yeah, us (or just Calluna) coming to Hartford involves less wandering around on your part, and, ergo, less removal from the whole Book Writing Thang.

But, y'know, whatever, based around time, tide, and deadlines. (Deadlines being the more important part of that equation.)
You're going to have to come up for dinner at some point. Perhaps you can kidnap your agent while you're on the way and drag her along?

Let me know you're up to talking schedule and I'll drop you an email.
Oh god. I'm --><-- hyperventilating just thinking about scheduling things right now. So, um, yeah, I would love to. But I also have a book due August 1, and fifty commitments between now and then.
Congrats on being almost-moved!

(Also, love the icon. I look the Skinhead Hamlet up every so often for a giggle.)

Oi. Mosh!

we loff the Skinhead Hamlet. *g*
Yay for moving almost done!

Also, I would totally hire you.
Yaaaay new place! ::housewarming confetti::
I got really good at moving by the last time I did it. It made me feel very capable and free spirited to be able to pack up all my belongings and set them up elsewhere. Of course, the face that I didn't open the boxes from the first move helped.
We keep threatening to start a moving company called Amazon Women On The Move.

*grins* If you ever have a British contingent... ;) Seriously, good luck with the move and unpacking! *hugs*
*moving loff*

I totally got a great image in my head for the logo on the side of your Amazonian moving trucks, but then I forgot it again. I think it was round.

We are still living out of boxes-- you will easily beat me to the quasi-normal livability stage.
Congrats on getting moved in honey.
There's a local furniture store --- Amazon, that got started as a moving company (that got started as a bunch of women with a van who were music roadies and needed extra money). I'm not sure if the moving company is still in business --- I got a quote from them a few years back, but then ended up using friends instead.
You've been very quiet the last couple of days! Then again, moving can do that.

I just saw something I thought you might be interested in/amused by:

Alas, it appears that the woman doing the identifying is a lunatic. Or a crackpot, at least.

God my back hurts. *g*