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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Who's your daddy?

Almost four years ago, when I put this futon into storage, I knotted the right size socket wrench in the same sock as the hardware.

That's right, baby. I'm your daddy.

Now if only the advil would kick in.


carry on... slowly
my head hurts more than my feet. It's a moving milestone.

Hey, keep an eye peeled for envelopes from Don please?
only Don thing i've seen is tax info yesterday.
Though Amazon used seems to have just sent you something.

Just goes to show

An aphorism of my mother's, oft-repeated in my childhood: "Proper Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance." Or, when we were in mixed company, "Remember your five Ps, sweetie."

That IS pretty sooopergenius, though. I'm reminded that during our move, the few cords (meaning, you can take the cord off the thing) I packed, I tagged with paper tags saying what they belonged to. My husband hurriedly just made a whole box of JUST CORDS, unlabeled ... which was then lost for three months on the other end. And when we found it, it was a multidimensional jigsaw puzzle -- thank god some of the transformers had brand names embossed in them (and that we only have one Hitachi anything, etc).

Re: Just goes to show

hee. I hope you rubbed his nose in it.

...that's six 6 ps.

Re: Just goes to show

My mother, a very organized lady, wraps a sticker label (the kind you'd put on a file folder, ideally with a little colored strip) around the cord or puts one on the base of the transformer, and labels it thusly (in big letters she may be able to make out without the reading glasses). Cats remove paper labels. When we inherited a few techie devices from Mom (her digital cmera, with charger and a thing to plug the memory cards into and so on), my boyfriend was really impressed. She'd put a small sticker of the same color on whatever the thing was meant to plug into, as well, making it super-easy to distinguish between small black plug hole #1 for the power transformer, and small black hole #2 for the other plug.

Mom teaches basic computer classes for senior citizens, and that's a tip she teaches to all of them.

Re: *swoons*


Well, it's together. Now I have to tighten the fucker.
BTW, Shakespeare death mask may be genuine. Not part of the NPG show, but thought you might find it interesting.
Except for the part where she's also claiming the Flower portrait is genuine, and when last I checked, the paint had 18th century pigments in it. *g*


My crackpot detectors are going off.
I read that as "knitted". Twice.

It was an interesting image.
Me too. But I do that sort of thing a lot.
As someone who's done a damn lot of moving, I salute your foresight, and your clever, clever use of a sock.

I usually used Ziplock bags, and packing-taped the bag to the piece of furniture. Spare socks were for dusting.

Then again, people have tried to explain to me that maybe I don't need to tape the boxes completely sealed if I'm just moving across town. Heck, you can even sometimes just fold the lids shut. After being raised to tape shut all the seams in case the box encountered dampness or damage on its long trans-Atlantic journey, I over-pack a little.