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Quote of the day:

"I am at heart a gentleman."

--Marlene Dietrich


In the continuing tradition of any work but the work we should be doing, I have page proofs due March 7th, and I have instead the first line of a new (old? It'd be set about twenty and ten years before Hammered, on dual time lines) Jenny story, tentatively titled "War Stories." And I have the first paragraph and the last paragraph of Posthumous Jonson.

No progress, of course, on Undertow. Or any of the other short stories I have started but haven't made any traction on since I posted the list of first lines.

My brain is punishing me for last year; I'm certain of it.

The good news is. I have my living room and kitchen mostly set up, and it looks pretty good (seven trips to the dumpster yesterday.) I have to buy new carriage bolts for the futon; these are a bit stripped.

I guess I should try getting this book case built so I can unpack some more boxes, shouldn't I? (yes, you may be amused by the fact that the absolute last thing to be unpacked is the clothes.)
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