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try to blame it on the devil / the one who's bed you sleep in

and don't tell me what they did to you / as though you had no choice

Mary Theresa "Lily" Wakeman is turning into one of THOSE characters. Not only is she giving me lines and snippets of dialogue, but she's turning up in my dreams.

And now she's informing me that Ani DiFranco's Not a Pretty Girl is her favorite album.

Predictable. I really do have no control over these people.

Explains why she had such a crush on emo-boy. He probably loaned her a copy of Little Plastic Castle or something....

Stop it, Lily. You're supposed to be a Goth. And I'm supposed to be working on Undertow.

and you'll stop me, won't you
if you've heard this one before
the one where i surprise you
by showing up at your front door
saying 'let's not ask what's next,
or how, or why'
i am leaving in the morning
so let's not be shy...
Tags: whiskey & water

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