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My decor

Is a very weird combination of Japanese, post-Hippie East Indian, Danish Modern, and LARGE HUNKS OF OAK.


Oddest is that it kind of works. This not-really-batiked bedspread is way to purple for a window treatment in this living room, though. Gray purples look good with all the green, but this is hippie bedspread purple.

NB: Shiva makes a good ring tree.

At least it's not neo-dormitory. Although I'm kind of locked into the blond wood and melamite thing, because it's what the ex-boyfriend with whom I shared my first grown up apartment liked (our secondhand furniture creedo: strip it, sand it down, give it a Danish oil finish, and if that doesn't work, paint it white), and then I inherited ALL THIS OAK with white ceramic bits.

At least it makes a pretty neutral base to build on.
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