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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

I am unpacked.

Not yet entirely put away, but unpacked. And the boxes are hauled to the dumpster.

The plan is now a hot hot hot shower with stinky soap, a lot of vodka, some chicken and broccoli stirfry, and NEWTON'S WAKE. Tomorrow, I media mine. And get started on those page proofs, which are due, um, very soon.

Ye gods, my feet hurt.


Smirnoff - Leader of the "I need a break" revolution.
I'm a Finlandia girl. *g* That whirring sound you hear is my Ukrainian ancestors rotating in their graves.
*waves them weakly back*
That's swift and determined unpacking. Go you!
I appear to be a personality that handles everything via blitz. *g*
The plan is now a hot hot hot shower with stinky soap, a lot of vodka, some chicken and broccoli stirfry

Man, I wouldn't want to clean your bathtub, afterward. ;D

Congratulations on getting so much done!

Am actually writing! And staying away from IM as it it too much temptation...
yay words!
I come out proudly in support of clever George Harrison shoutouts in posts.
you know the Joan Armatrading song "Me Myself I"?
No, but now that you point it out, it looks like something I should track down...
itunes. ;-)
All right!!! The boxes all thrown out is a major accomplishment!!! Kick back & relax. You earned it.
I bow in awe before your unpacking-fu. And vodka can only help a stirfry, right?

I do believe that, in my attic, there is a box which contains, shockingly, a cardboard box. As in, a box full of crap from a previous-previous move, which then got packed in a sturdier box for trans-atlantic shipping.

No, wait, I'm pretty sure I got to that one eventually. I was rather proud to have gotten rid of all the boxes that bore UK shipping labels. (Since those date from no later than 1993, it's about time.)

Still, there's a lot of boxes up there that have been barely touched in years. Most of them are de facto filing cabinets that need to be gone through, sorted, mostly-trashed, and filed a bit more properly, but who has enough room to do that? (Most of them pre-date the computer or the Internet, you see, back when I saved magazine articles and all that junk on dead tree versions, because that's all I had.)

congratulations on a successful move!!

Spouse and I are sitll finding taped boxes around the house. I remember a VERY sore back.
Re-Welcome to New England!

Re: congratulations on a successful move!!

Thank you! Tomorrow, my bed arrives! Imagine that....
:: applauds your efforts and accomplishments ::
Hooray. And I feel your pain, by the way. Moving house. Bleh.
By the way, when I see you in person, remind me to ask you how you accidentally brought down the government of Kazakhstan.
It is a very boring story to do with ministerial corruption. I've actually just related it on someone's blog. (I think they assumed I was a well meaning but naive aid worker, as opposed to a calculating and mercenary educational administrator. Ah well. But I'm encouraged by people's propensity to endow me with much nicer motives than the ones I actually possess).
I just always assumed you were a spyyeeeeeeeeeeeee.
I could tell you. But you know, I'd have to kill you and all that.

Buy me a pint and I'll let you live.
I'd buy you a pint anyway.
Speaking of page proofs...I've been sending an image of the cover of B&I around at work, and getting a fair amount of interest, especially from those who didn't want to try your science fiction.

'Course, this book will be more expensive, but I figure I still will be responsible for a print run at this rate :)

You are the guerilla street team. *g*