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So why are so many reasonably talented writers so scared of structure, anyway? It seems to me that I see a lot of writers with a lot more native talent than I have more or less self-destruct because they refuse to learn how to structure a story. How to draw a blueprint in their heads, in other words, and see where it needs tension and how to set things up and how to accomplish certain effects. They don't rewrite much, and they don't do the kind of rearranging and fine-tuning that I find takes my drafts from "promising" to "I'm happy with this."

And it seems to be because they're scared. Scared because they don't want to tackle something that big and hard? Maybe. Or scared because to learn they have to admit that there's stuff they don't know, or that writing a story is a craft as much as an art, or scared because they're afraid if they actually learn how to do things in a craftsmanlike manner, they'll lose the ability to write on inspiration?



Interesting, though.

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