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So, today, I did the media mining, went for a bike ride, wandered around the town green hitting the grocery store, the bank, and a radio shack, and then perambulated down to Vietnamese Restaurant (Okay, that's not actually its name; its name is Vietnam Restaurant. But it ought to be called Eats in Vietnamese. I love that place; they have better secondhand dinnerware now, but within living memory they brought you your food on plates labeled Waffle House. Good, cheap, fast, and lots; I paid $11.99 for pork noodle, wonton soup, and Vietnamese coffee, and I have enough left for lunch tomorrow. Ambiance, not so much.) (NB: buymeaclue, ellen_kushner, Zoe's is better, faster, more plentiful, and as cheap. Tied for ambiance, though.) for lunch.

I always get better service at Asian restaurants when I wear a jade bangle. Seriously.

I am less than three miles from a Munson's. So doomed.

Now I am back, and chapter 11 of the page proofs is staring at me.

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