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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

I should have known, I should have known, Tam Lin--

oh, look, AWBTWWSBD. So, Ben Jonson spent the last nine years of his life crippled by a stroke.

What, pray tell me, is the etymology of the word "stroke?"


History conspires against me; it really freaking does. As if the bloody Jenet Davenant thing wasn't bad enough.

Alton Brown quote of the day: "Of soup and love, the first is best."

*glitters JJA*
*on principle*


...suddenly, I want to read your diss.

Yeah, these guys just won't leave me the hell alone. Faeries and dramatists and devils, oh my. Faeries and dramatists and devils.

...I'm going to get so much hate mail for The Stratford Man. I can hardly wait.

"I'm sure it's better than you think it is."
don't tell them about my books, 'k?
The Cosa Nostradamus fatae seem to have reasonably good manners. So long as I leave a plate of cookies and a glass of single malt out when I finish a chapter, they've moderated the Strange Events to ones that make good stories in the retelling.

*refills plate and glass, Just In Case*
ha! I've been telling the darn reconstructionist-Celt boyfriend for years now that single malt is preferable to the fey, or at least *just* as acceptable, as that benighted Irish Cream rot. Then again, I'm lactose-intolerant, so I think my resident wee folk might be as well.

And again, there's enough supposedly weird ancestry in my family that it may be my own preference for single malt showing. (Half elf - the left half, as we say; in addion to being crazy Celtic whacko fey sorts, the family have a pointed ear on one side.)

Sometimes bribing the phoukas gets the lost car keys back, too.
Feeding the "Good Neighbours" Irish Cream????!!!

Good lord, your boyfriend is begging for trouble. Rot indeed. Tell him to get that single malt out there.
He swears they like dairy, and there's some sense in that. Leaving a pan of cream out, and so on.

These days they get a shot glass of each, and everybody seems happy.

6. An attack of disease. a. An apoplectic or (now more usually) paralytic seizure. Formerly the stroke of God's hand.

1599 A. M. tr. Gabelhouer's Bk. Physic 25/2 An excellent Cinnamome water for the stroke of Gods hande. a1700 EVELYN Diary 22 Nov. 1694, The Abp. of Canterbury, who a few days before had a paralytic stroke. 1762-71 H. WALPOLE Vertue's Anecd. Paint. (1786) IV. 11 He was seized with a stroke of apoplexy. 1780 JOHNSON Let. to Mrs. Lucy Porter 8 Apr., He has had a stroke, like that of an apoplexy. 1832 S. WARREN Diary Physic. II. ii. 85 Our inestimable friend, Mr. E, had a sudden stroke of the palsy this afternoon. 1855 MACAULAY Hist. Eng. xvii. IV. 97 Soon after he had risen from table, an apoplectic stroke deprived him of speech and sensation. 1861 MRS. H. WOOD East Lynne III. xviii, Mr. Justice Hare's illness had turned out to be a stroke of paralysis. 1889 GRETTON Memory's Harkback 316 In his later years he had a partial stroke, which drew the muscles of his cheek a little on one side. 1898 J. HUTCHINSON in Archives Surg. IX. 382 The popular distinction between a stroke and a fit was well illustrated by a hemiplegic patient who asserted, ‘I never had a fit; I never lost my senses; I only had a stroke’. 1905 People's Doctor 48 Apoplexy. This disease goes under quite a variety of names. The popular term is ‘stroke’; doctors speak of cerebral hemorrhage; [etc.].
That's what we call a rhetorical question. *g* But thank you.
Literal-Minded R Me.


did you know that the word 'gullible' is not in the dictionary?
Oooh, nice! Thank you for that. I like reading medical history and seeing how people of the past related to illness.

Heh. I know what you mean, from a fantasy Elizabethan roleplaying game I ran once (which, incidentally, was indirectly what kickstarted Lis's Marlowe obsession). I mean, you pick up any point in the history, and there are all these things just BEGGING to be explored by adventurers, or events which just cry out for a fantasy-like explanation. . .

Anyway, if Elizabethan history didn't want you to do that to it, it shouldn't have worn that skirt.
Ian, it's a good thing you can't see the things my face is doing right now. *G*


But yeah, that thing.

Anyway, if Elizabethan history didn't want you to do that to it, it shouldn't have worn that skirt


More to the point, it should've worn drawers or something, which it didn't.
Ok, it's my evening to ask the obvious questions.


"any work but the work we should be doing."
Well, so much for my guess which concluded "What Would Steven Brust Do"
We need bracelets.
Nonsequitor, but according to Philobiblion (Natalie Bennett), a London theatre is staging a joint bill of Doctor Faustus and The Devil Is An Ass

Alas, only thru March 26.