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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Hey, does anybody know if Trader Joe's stocks Chinese/Japanese specialty foods (I need chili paste and broad bean paste and some other things I know Wild Oats and Whole Foods don't usually carry, and there's no World Market near me.) But I don't feel like hauling my butt out to the TJs if they have no chili paste.

Even more preferentially, does anybody know of a good Hartford area (say, between Manchester and Farmington) independent Chinese grocery? I know where to find two Indian ones, but that's not going to help me with double black soy sauce and seaweed.

ETA Hah! There's an Asian grocery on Shield Street. Yay!


I'm not sure if they have chilipaste, but they have chili based sauces.

You can also go to the website, find the number for your store, and call and ask;)
Can we talk about how, every time I drive past a Whole Foods, I find myself wishing that The Sheep Look Up had a theme song I could hum?
Now you've made me hungry. :)
AFAIK, they have general Chinese/Japanese foods that someone not doing specific Chinese/Japanese cooking would like, but not the really specific things. I don't see dried straw mushrooms there, for instance, or certain kinds of dried fish, though they have some dried noodles similar to what I find at Vietnamese stores. Sorry I can't be more specific -- are there any Vietnamese groceries near Hartford? That might be more helpful than Indian.
Also, how about Korean groceries? I have seen them up and down the East Coast -- no reason to think they might not be near you also.
Also, how about Korean groceries? I have seen them up and down the East Coast -- no reason to think they might not be near you also.
Our local TJs isn't carrying a chili paste at the moment, nor broad bean paste. Their Asian tends towards India than far east.

They are also inexplicably out of refried beans, and have been for months. This, in Arizona, is Not Good.

My experience is that Trader Joe's is very strong on the prepared foods, and not so strong on the ingredients.

Although, I'm surprised -- my local Shaws carries quite a bit of imported/ethnic food now, especially the spices and sauce ingredients. Coconut milk, hoisin, fish paste, etc. are all just in the regular grocery store.

I'm not that close to Hartford, but I don't live in Yuppietown, either. Benefits of living in an area full of immigrants, I guess.
Yeah. This area is *full* of Vietnamese, Cambodians, etc. Also, ground zero for US Indian food. Mmm....
Next time you're in Boston, we should make sure you get out to the Super 88 on Brighton Ave.
yes please
I've seen chili paste in the TJs in California. Several types.

But their inventory varies from month to month, and could be regional.
I'm betting on some regional variation. I doubt that all TJs have as much pasta, sauce, and olive oil as the one in center city Philadelphia.
They have the most delightful Japanese desserts....mochis! Mango mochis!


But this is not helpful to you.
I love Japanese food... what are you making? I lived off Miso Soup for a while, replacing fat lunches... healthy times... back on Subway now.

Sadly my haunt is London's west end, so I can just go to where all the restaraunts and markets are... about five minutes from Forbidden Planet when you're over here!
I was going to tell you about A Dong but I see you have already been told.

It's not just a grocery, it's a supermarket.

AND it's right next to the SA thrift store. V. handy.
I am replete of sesame crunch as we speak. *g*

Hey, when are we going to go get coffee?