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more ways writing is like everything else

Writing is like archery.

You have to do everything perfectly; stance, aim, release. It requires strength and precision.

Also, you have to remember to keep your hand gentle on the bow, or you're never going to hit a damned thing. If those fingers close into a fist, you arrow is going to wind up in Topeka.

But you know, when you're struggling to aim, to control that arrow, the most natural thing in the world is to try to force the bow to go where you want it to. And you can't.

All you can do is breathe deep, line up, tuck your butt, lock your thumb under your chin and let the string fall from your fingertips.

Oh, and you can't be afraid of the bow either. Even though it can hurt you bad.

"It's simple. It just isn't easy." --Hannah Wolf Bowen

Also, I have thundersnow!
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