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I grew up here.

Today, the State of Connecticut remembers Governor Ella T. Grasso, in (belated) observance of the 25th anniversary of her death from ovarian cancer.

The Connecticut State Capitol (not the State House, which is this building, now a museum--including a 17th-century naturalist's collection on the top floor complete with a wax head of Charles II and a two-headed pig) is this massive confection of white stone, a Mid-Victorian Wedding Cake of a building. It won't even commit to a single architectural style. (That lawn is a great place for kite flying, though.)

However, if you look at the facade, above the arches on the ground floor, you will see a series of statues in niches, as well as some niches left empty. These are almost exclusively of periwigged (semagic knows "periwigged." wow.) men in coats and breeches. They're of people like Nathan Hale and Jonathan Trumbull.

The one exception to this sea of masculinity is a notoriously ugly woman with bad hair, in a terrible polyester suit. 

We miss you, Ella.
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