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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Apartment thoughts

The UPS Store is a block away. I could get used to living here.

The sun is shining brightly, and it's very cold. I have large picture windows (facing east and south, respectively) in the bedroom and living room.

Now, the wind has picked up and is blowing the snow in gusts and eddies, swirling through the air.

It looks like a mica globe out there

When the sun is shining in, I have to turn off the heat and crack the window. This effect ends immediately when the light shifts.

Man, those windows are gonna make this place hot in summer.

After living out West, and then moving back to New England, I have come to a new understanding of why most Americans don't eat much produce. Specifically, the fruit and vegetables here, even in the dead of winter, are so much better than anything in Las Vegas.


Interestingly, the produce here in SoCal is far better than any I ever got in New England - at least, if I go to the farmer's market.
Produce in the Midwest is horrid. I don't even like the tomatoes that people grow in the home gardens--even they taste like juicy styrofoam.

I will *not* kick into Old Geezer Mode and wax lyrical over the tomatoes I remember eating in my Youth. I will only say that they actually tasted like tomatoes and leave it at that.
Look for (or plant) "heirloom tomatoes."

They are so much better it's insane.
I will do this. Because sometimes you wonder what the hell you're eating.
So-called grape tomatoes are pretty good too. Good enough for salad caprese to be a reasonable thing to do with them, anyway.
It looks like a mica globe out there

Yeah, yeah, just twist that knife.
Mi futón es el futón de perro-amarillo.

(Maybe in April? I can't remember when your London trip is. I've got Stuff the next couple of weekends, but after that, nada until Wiscon.)
Last week of April would be okay....
Insulating curtains can make an apartment with big windows much more comfortable. In the winter, you close them at night. In the summer, you close them during the day. There are also films you can stick on the inside of the window to increase reflectivity, reducing heat and glare. http://www.gilafilms.com/
My company uses a version on the lab windows, to keep people from seeing in. They look nearly clear from the inside, just a little glare-reducing, but silvery from the outside. They were fairly easy to apply.
Wow! I am so used to Californians and Wisconsin-farmers-marketers-who-will-not-be-named-but-they-know-who-they-are scorning my pallid Northeastern produce. You mean in Vegas it's *worse*?
I dunno, the California produce I've had is not all that. And you can't get a decent Macintosh or white peach outside of New England
You can get a white peach in Nashville.
At least, depending on the frost patterns you can.

Adequate Macintoshes are available as well. You can even get a great Macintosh apple, if you go to the u-pick places in the Smokies. In fact, you can get lots of them, and pet a tree while you're there.

Deserts--why live there?

*loves the u-pick places*

Sorry. Those are mediocre macintoshes at best. *g*
You can get really good Macintosh's in New York State, which isn't entirely an extension of New England.
Funny, I was just describing the beauty of the Macintosh apple to my son yesterday as I was cutting up a mediocre Red Delicious. And Winesaps. Miss those.
*exported* Cali produce sucketh. The stuff we get *in* state...oooh.
*g* I've been to California. But it might have been the off season or something.
I'm not sure there really is an off-season. Our farmers' markets go on all year. Supermarket produce, OTOH, feh. The good stuff is either at the farmer's markets, the roadside stands, or at the ethnic markets. I've been disappointed here in Florida that even the farmer's market has poor produce.
oh, man, the farmstand produce sucking? That's no fair at all.