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I'be been watching Hustle and Spooks in an attempt to regrow the fragile young brain cells I destroyed on page proofs. This has lead me to two conclusions.

1) I actually watch British television. This has a lot to do with it having, you know, cinematography and relying on visual storytelling. and actually requiring a certain amount of attention to follow. It's harder to listen to it from the kitchen. Which is probably why I usually like it better; I'm easily bored by things that don't require focus. Although it did take me half an episode to figure out that this character was supposed to be an American Southerner.

2) Mmm. Adrian Lester. No, wait, let me say that again. Mmm. Adrian Lester.

Wait, I lied.

3) You know, being married to a spy would be ideal. Just think, you'd never have to listen to him/her talk about work....
Tags: brits attempting southern accents, media

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