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And sometimes they ask, "Where do you get your ideas?"

[23:03] stillsostrange: where is my self-cleaning house?
[23:03] stillsostrange: I probably shouldn't ask for that--it would just eat everything inside
[23:03] stillnotbored: it ran off to Rio
[23:03] katallen: ::eyes Amanda::
[23:03] katallen: or decide it prefers the cats
[23:04] matociquala: humans are a large source of entropy.
[23:04] matociquala: just saying.
[23:04] iknowiknow: I want that thing that does kitchen floors
[23:04] matociquala: most efficient to stop that before it starts.
[23:04] iknowiknow: but my dogs would prolly eat it
[23:04] matociquala: you can get little costumes for your roomba, Deb
[23:04] iknowiknow: Then they'd definitely eat it :-)
[23:04] stillsostrange: I'd chase the cats with it
[23:04] katallen: disguise it as a puppy?
[23:04] matociquala: "If you don't dress up your Roomba, it's just a naked vacuum."
[23:04] stillsostrange: I want a robo-raptor for cat herding
[23:05] matociquala:
[23:05] iknowiknow: ok, see, that would just be asking to be killed
[23:05] iknowiknow: like a roomba with a death wish
[23:06] katallen: okay, those are looking like an Irish entry from Robotwars
[23:06] katallen: are we sure they don't have flamethrowers?
[23:06] katallen: for stubborn stains...
[23:07] iknowiknow: that's what they need defensive weaponry
[23:07] iknowiknow: to survive the rottweilers
[23:07] katallen: wow 1.5 million roombas
[23:08] katallen: "myRoomBud's are totally cool!!! They make great midnight snacks! (Burp - excuse me)"
[23:09] iknowiknow: that's prolly why they've sold 1.5 million
[23:09] iknowiknow: dogs have eaten 1.25 million of them
[23:10] stillnotbored: *g*
[23:10] matociquala: heh
[23:10] matociquala: I need a roomba
[23:11] matociquala: this apartment breeds dustbunnies.
[23:11] matociquala: It's like magic.
[23:11] froggy_spawn: and you don't even have a cat
[23:11] katallen: ::grins:: okay, who can't see Morgan sleeping on a nice furry padded roomba as it waltzes her round Jaime's place?
[23:12] stillnotbored: *g*
[23:12] stillnotbored: so true
[23:12] katallen: and Gilly tries to trip it up
[23:17] matociquala: Well, I do, but she's on hiatus until I get back from the UK
[23:17] stillsostrange: you can hiatus a cat?
[23:18] stillnotbored: who knew?
[23:18] stillsostrange: I need to try that
[23:18] katallen: cats can do anything
[23:21] matociquala: you just pop them into the time machine and mail them to yourself in the future.
[23:22] matociquala: what, doesn't everybody do that?
[23:22] stillnotbored: alas, no
[23:22] stillsostrange: I'll mail the von Flaums to someone else in the future
[23:22] matociquala: (little know practical applications of time travel: stress-free animal boarding)
[23:22] stillnotbored: fantasy writers don't have time machines
[23:23] katallen: maybe you can board them with faeries
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