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So, lemminglike, I venture into the vast open spaces of the Amazon Blog. Fear not; this is home, and always will be. But I will try to post over there once in a while. Probably, you know, professional stuff.

I'm not watching the Oscars, and I've stopped blogs for the evening, I think. I started off kind of enjoying the snark, and then I started finding it disturbing that most of the commentary was directed at the appearances of the actresses. Bad enough, I think, that the movie industry's entire focus is on how women look without the rest of us buying into it. Carry on; I'll be back in the morning.

Book 20: Ken MacLeod, Newton's Wake:

I need to stop reading Brit space opera for a while. It's starting to turn into smooth jazz on me, by which I mean it all sounds like variations on the same theme. I have this problem a lot; it's not the Brit SF, in other words, it's me. (If I read too much fantasy, or too many literary novels, or too many thrillers, all at once, they all sound alike too.)

Man, Ken MacLeon is funny. It takes a while for the characters to settle in, but once they do, they're rather engaging, for a bunch of amoral bastards.

Good book.
Tags: 52 book challenge, pathetic self-promotion

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