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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

I made steamed buns with sweet mung bean paste this morning, which came out brilliantly. And could not be more easy, and give the rice steamer yet another reason to exist. (I less-than-three my rice steamer. Yes I do.)

However, as such things go, I have more dough than sweet mung bean paste. I wonder how it would do as cinnamon rolls.... it's chewy and fluffy and neutrally flavored, except a hint of sweetness....

Tomorrow's project, blini. With which to bribe the Russian superintendent. And ladegard. And probably rikibeth. (I should make medvinyk too. One believes that food is always the way to the super's heart.)

And piroshki. They freeze.

Mmm. Piroshki.

By the way, misia, a test batch of noodles came out great. I had to substitute red miso for the broad bean paste (A Dong may have had it, but I couldn't find it), but they still taste fantastic (you meant savory broad bean/broad bean chili paste, and not sweet bean paste? y/n/a?). I suppose it's probably fine to save the leftover marinade in the freezer until the next batch of noodles? (Being a single girl, one package of udon is three meals for me, so I did not need the entire cup and a half or so of marinade.)

Sigh. I need to go to the post office. And make a bunch of phone calls. And the k keycap on Ethel's keyboard is coming loose. I should really call HP and see if I can ship her back for service, but right before the trip to England and while my desk still isn't built is a really inconvenient time to have to do it.

And there's the galley for "The Cold Blacksmith" to go over, and the CEM for Carnival arrives this week.

Nibbled to death by ducks. I think I need another bean paste bun. And a pot of tea. And some more noooodles and a salad.

Because carbohydrates make everything better.


>And piroshki. They freeze.

When Almaty finally got a supermarket that was not GUM, it stocked quite a wide range of frozen piroshki etc. I lived on them for about 3 weeks, as a result of limited cooking facilities. Good stuff.
Er? Keyboard? Under Warranty? I do believe we can order those in and replace in-shop. But I can check.
The laptop needs some other attention too.
Ah, bummer. Then you must ship. But yes, do it soon. We generally see them back in about 7 business days, but sometimes parts go on back order, and we've seen them take as long as a month.
One of the things I miss about living in Boston is all the lovely ethnic markets & bakeries, like Chinese and Greek. Western MA is pretty bland, at least in my town. Must stock up next time I visit. :)
You come visit, I feed you piroshki.
And what to me, my love, and what to me?

I am very fond of piroshki.

Jeezluis girl - and when do you sleep, atall?
I'm not writing right now. Just sent back a page proof, CEM hasn't arrived yet, waiting for the approval on the proposal.

Time to fill the freezer for the dark days ahead!

(I owe you and Delia several good dinners. If you want piroshki, we can get you piroshki.)
Nibbled to death by ducks. I think I need another bean paste bun.

This is exactly how I keep finding myself neck-deep in English muffins with brown sugar and butter atop.
(It will be a swift death, but a happy one.)
When you come visit, I will make you sticky sticky cinnamon buns.
*puts head down on desk and cries*

The scale has decreed that I have to knock it off with the carbs (stupid frigging thyroid). So don't mind me sitting here in the corner...thinking of steamed buns and noodles...and drooling just a little bit...
but carbohydrates are an excellent source of energy! *g* Within reason, of course....
Recipe? Please? I love me some steamed buns, but alas, New Orleans is sadly lacking in Chinese bakeries.
There's really not much recipe. Proof the yeast in water and sugar. Add flour and oil and a tablespoon of baking powder. Knead until it feels right. Let rise, punch down, let rise, cut, roll, stuff, and steam.

Does that help any?
In general, yes. As a baker, however, I'm still in the measure-things-meticulously stage of development. I have no faith in my ability to simply wing it.
And oh, yes, mmmmmm on the piroshki as well. (I like mine fried and topped with sour cream--just about the most unhealthy way to eat them.) I used to get them at the Kiev in the East Village. Very very bad for me, but ohhh so goooood.
kelliem taught me to make the ones with the flaky crusts. Rather than the doughy ones, which I don't like very much.

She is a goddess.
You're eating blini a week too late, it's Lent now!

I'm not Christian. *g*


Mmmm. Carbs.
Isn't that the best name ever? There are diacritical marks, too, but.... that's a lot of work. *g*