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I wanna believe in the mercy of the world again. Make it rain.

beth_bernobich is smart over here about transitions. Personal ones, not the scene kind.

truepenny is smart about first person narrators.

ogre_san knows how it works. That thumping sound is his head hitting the wall.

Ow. My butt hurts. Also, my feet.

I may be getting mo' broken, but I refuse to grow up, dammit. (I slept on the sofa last night because I was too tired to go to bed. The old grey mare, etc etc.)

Pictures still forthcoming.

(I am at best a hobby goth, rather than a lifestyle goth. But I've been a hobby goth since goths were Pretentious Art Fags, so I figure I have as much gothcred as I m ever likely to need. Even if I don't know most of the music these crazy kids listen to.

The DJs last night were on sort of a Goth Classic rotation, though, so it was all good.)

Food porn:

Stir-fried buffalo chicken for lunch, which is something I just invented because I was craving Buffalo wings and didn't want all that fat.

I put a drizzle of olive oil in the bottom of my wok and heated it. Stir-fried a cubed chicken breast until it was done, then added sliced raw carrots and celery and turned the heat off. On top of all this, a couple of pats of butter (about a tablespoon, all told) and Frank's Red Hot to taste (They call Frank's something else on the Left Coast, like the great Edy's / Dwyer's divide, but it's still "Red Hot." Accept no substitutes for authentic Buffalo chicken taste.) A couple of leaves of rosemary, and stir to combine.

Serve over hot sticky rice with a dollop of blue cheese dressing.


A lot.
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