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Less tentative UK trip itinerary

29 March 2006: Leave JFK
30 March 2006: Arrive Heathrow. Train (1), etc., to Lymington. Eat something. Die in a heap.
31 March 2006: Play dancing Bear for silme's students.
1 April 2006: Train (2) to London. Write on train? Meet mevennen and trek to Cambridge there to soak in the culture.
2 April 2006: Cambridge to London, 5 pm dinner with mevennen, fjm, et al? Train (3) back to Lymington. Potentially more writing on train. (Why yes, I do have June and August deadlines. How nice of you to notice.) 
3 April 2006: No plans. Isle of Wight? Sleep? Wander about? Optional: die in a heap.
4 April 2006: Stratford with heatherkward
5 April 2006: meet katallen in London. Deptford: St. Nicholas Churchyard (New Cross Station) George Inn, Rose! (appt, 12 noon), Globe, etc. (Southwark Station) (train (4). write. This--the Southwark day--is the day into which I am trying to pack WAY TOO MUCH.)
6 April 2006: London. British Library. (Euston Sq. Station) lunch with oursin. British Museum? St. Paul's, Newgate, Blackfriars. Etc. London proper. (Pick a tube station, any tube station) (train (5). write.)
7 April 2006: London. National Portrait Gallery (YAY!) (Charing Cross Station) Westminster (Westminster Staton) 5:30-ish signing at Forbidden Planet. (train (6). write.)
8 April 2006: London. Lunch with friends wnlj. Tower of London. (Tower Hill Station) Shoreditch (Shoreditch Station) (train (7). write. memo: bring two notebooks and extra ink)
9 April 2006: Die. In a heap. Again.
10 April 2006: Canterbury. (brisingamen (& peake?) )
11 April 2006: Canterbury. (brisingamen (& peake?) )
12 April 2006: Unscheduled day. Heap dying optional.
13 April 2006: silme & household return. Possibility of Stratford in the evening.
14 April 2006: Ryanair puddle jumper flight to Glasgow (remember to pack auxiliary helium bags, just in case.) Check in to youth hostile.
15 April 2006: Glasgow! Eastercon! Mad panelschedule! Lose BSFA short fiction award (to Kelly?)
16 April 2006: Ryanair puddle jumper flight back to Bournemouth (remember to pack auxiliary helium bags, just in case.)
17 April 2006: Go the hell home. (train (8))

Okay. I think it's a plan. The numbers after the word (train) indicate how many days worth of Britrail pass I need. If I forgot anybody/anything, please yell. See you there!
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