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The Libertine

Poor movie. It could have been so good.

The actors were lovely--Johnny Depp and Samantha Morton were a bit erratic, but when they were on, they were note-perfect, and John Malkovitch was, well, John Malkovitch, but really, who better as Charles II?--and the script was fine, even occasionally aspiring to ironic moral complexity. The setting and costumery were high-mud delightful, and the supporting cast did not suck in the slightest. Also, Restoration Theatre. Geek. (geek) Geek!!!!

Alas, it was edited by the monkey, the camerawork was hamhanded, and the director (a) couldn't locate a beat with a studfinder and (b) didn't trust his audience to understand anything without explaining it. Sometimes twice. You could almost see Malkovich flinching occasionally, behind his prosthetic nose.



But at the very least, it does deserve my Kit/Icarus icon. *g*

By the way, those of you in central Connecticut might like to know that there's an IMAX showing of V for Vendetta at Buckland Hills on Thursday at ten. Tickets are already on sale.
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