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how writing is like juggling, and also like everything else

[10:05] matociquala: have you read Jed's blog today?
[10:05] cpolk: no.
[10:05] matociquala:
[10:05] matociquala: The two jugglers.
[10:06] matociquala: One is a better juggler.
[10:06] matociquala: One is a better performer.
[10:06] matociquala: It's the old Ben Jonson/William Shakespeare thing.
[10:06] matociquala: Ben was a technical genius.
[10:08] matociquala: But Will... he could connect with an audience.
[10:08] matociquala: He was an actor, and he understood performance. (And he was also one of the cleverest wordsmiths evar.)
[10:09] matociquala: It's like the difference between storytellers and writers.
[10:09] matociquala: [Redacted] can't fucking write, but boy can she tell a story.
[10:13] cpolk: heh
[10:14] matociquala: And whinging about it is missing the point. Just as whinging about the pretentiousness of writers who choose an artistic focus over a commercial one is missing the point.
[10:14] cpolk: I am looking at the pro juggler
[10:14] cpolk: and wow
[10:14] matociquala: Yeah, he's fantastic.
[10:14] cpolk: if he wasn't in a grubby old gym in his sweats
[10:15] cpolk: I mean, the flair, it's there, and what he's doing is so HARD
[10:15] matociquala: yes.
[10:15] matociquala: And it's meditative, his focus.
[10:15] cpolk: he's all about the balls.
[10:15] matociquala: he's restful to watch.
[10:15] matociquala: the other guy is exciting, engaging, invigorating.
[10:16] cpolk: I'm not sure I should cheer, or say "whoa holy shit" or just stare and babble like an idiot when he's done.
[10:16] matociquala: Now here's the question.
[10:17] matociquala: When you're driving home after work, are you going to pop in a ZZ Top CD, or Yo Yo Ma?
[10:17] matociquala: A fair number of people will go for the classical.
[10:17] matociquala: But more are going to want the electric blues.
[10:17] cpolk: I'll listen to Yo Yo Ma to go home
[10:17] cpolk: if it's a road trip?
[10:17] cpolk: Everybody's talking about a sharp dressed man.
[10:18] matociquala: Yeah.
[10:18] matociquala: So I dunno why we have to be at artistic loggerheads, except that people like to argue.
[10:19] matociquala: And everybody wants to think that their way is superior to the other way.
[10:19] matociquala: So I think there's virtue in doing difficult things beautifully.
[10:20] matociquala: And also in doing moderately difficult things entertainingly.
[10:21] matociquala: Ideally, one does difficult things beautifully and entertainingly, while making them seem easy. But that's, yanno, well. Beyond most of us.
[10:21] matociquala: *g*
[10:22] cpolk: now I watch bliss
[10:23] cpolk: and I'm laughing and clapping my hands and I'm all "look at that guy go!"
[10:23] matociquala: Yeah.
[10:23] cpolk: even though i just watched the uber-expert do it with like 5 balls where bliss is only using three.
[10:24] matociquala: Bliss is singing along, dancing to the music, making eye contact.
[10:24] matociquala: Bliss is working the audience.
[10:24] cpolk: and part of it is, garfield makes what he's doing look so effortless.
[10:24] cpolk: bliss is making it look kinda hard, in places. his expression, the moves like he's scrabling to catch up to the balls--
[10:25] cpolk: and then he's doing a cool little trick and he's just mugging away - he's glad to be doing what he's doing.
[10:26] matociquala: He's charismatic, and he's using it.
[10:27] matociquala: writing, still like everything else. :-P
[10:28] cpolk: LOL
[10:29] cpolk: i think probably garfield's performance would have something more
[10:29] cpolk: if he were showing off for a little kid
[10:29] matociquala: Yes.
[10:29] cpolk: if the object was to make that kid feel delight.
[10:29] matociquala: If he were working an audience.
[10:29] cpolk: yes.

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