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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

A bad book, and filthily written

# 25: Alan Haynes, Untam'd Desire: Sex in Elizabethan England

This is not a writer with a mastery of the narrative art. The overwhelming impression left by this work is one of breathless gossip, and endless litany of who did what to whom, coupled with some naive defenses of Elizabeth's presumed virginity and innocence and a profound sense of teenaged giggling behind hands, rather a lot of very foolish attempts at history via literary criticism... and very little useful information or history.

What an annoying text. I confess to skimming the second half.


His book on the secret service is similar. There is good information in it, but you have to deal with his smug prose and weird way (to me) of presenting information.
Smug, prurient, breathless prose that doesn't so much construct a narrative as shotgun you with unconnected facts.

I wanted to punch him by the bottom of page four. Would you quit snickering?

Also, textual analysis as biography. NO! BAD AUTHOR! NO! *whaps hand with rolled-up newspaper.
I am only dropping by to remark that you've finished book #25, and it's only mid-March.

This is easier when I'm too burned out to write. *g*
You need to fill the intracranial book-machine with other books. It's not that the book-machine makes the books you read into the books you write, it's more of a quota of "book essence" that's rendered from the digested reading. You've obviously just written yourself into a huge deficit of "book essence". :-)
*g* I've read the Stone book, which is far, far better. And, you know, Nashe and Jonson and Marlowe and Shakespeare, which pretty much tells you anything you might care to know about the practical applications of passion c. 1585-1620.

What, with my tongue in your tail? nay, come again, Good Kate; I am a gentleman.
I'm not Bear, but I'd be interested. :D

How much of the virginity testing info comes from Frances Howard's annulment (claiming her first marriage was never consummated to free her up to marry Robert Carr -- the court scandal which led to the Overbury murder)?
Platter dancing?

I would love anything you coudl tell me about any of the above. *g* Real people are lways better sources than books.
Oh, I have no particular need to know any of this, but my prurience is vast.

Thank you! That's fascinating.
There is this


"Sodomy in the Pirate tradition" Barry R. Burg

and body read that?.. i need it for the next non-fiction project..
Pardon for butting in, but is there anything specific to eastern Europe/early-mid 1600s?

kristine_smith, trolling for sources.
Ooh! Aah!

Oh, shiny! Thank you!

Thank you!
Not offhand. The furthest east I know of is Forbidden friendships : homosexuality and male culture in Renaissance Florence
It may suffice. Thanks.
Bad writing about sex? Feh! I can get that on the internet a lot faster and for free!