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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

editing notes

I took down the previous post. It was a stupid thing to ask on the internet; sorry if I caught anybody mid-comment.

Re: the CEM of Carnival:

I really think there's way too damned much exposition at the front of this book now. I have emailed my editor to see if she's really, really sure I can't take it out. I mean, I know what she's going to say, but I will feel better if it's her fault, and not mine.

Also, even my green pencils work better in Connecticut than in Las Vegas. The Mojave really is inimical to life as we know it.

Also, I'm trying to get permission from Roc to post the first few chapters of Blood and Iron on my website as a teaser. Watch this space.


I missed it entirely. Dammit, now I will be left to wonder...
I agree and...no, wait, I just agree. *g*
If it were me I'd cap it, but then I'm the Red Stet Of Doom anyway. (Touch my prose your peril. Query, run continuity, query some more, and I'll usually answer with thanks, but Don't Rewrite It!)

CEM's are notorious for shredding an author's sanity.
Hee. Well, the rewrite killed me first. I wasn't happy with all these damned infoboluses when Anne argued me into them; I still think they break the narrative.

But compromise is the name of the game.
What I was mid-posting ;) was a link to custom rubber stamps, you know, for "stet." :)
It's a very old joke....
Wait... does this mean that a writer isn't ever satisfied with her work, even after it's been sold? Tell me it's not true!
>Wait... does this mean that a writer isn't ever satisfied with her work, even after it's been sold?

Well I'm always completely satisfied with mine.


Sorry, I knew I couldn't sustain that pose.
I would like two stamps, a sedate "stet" stamp and a "leave this the fuck alone" stamp.

"lttfa" might suffice, I guess.
Which the ce will alter to "Latifah" with query:
"What does a modern American actress and celebrity have to do with Kit Marlowe? Pls clarify."

You should write horror.