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Blood and Iron, Chapter One

But first ye'll let the black gae by,
And then ye'll let the brown;
Then I'll ride on a milk-white steed,
You'll pull me to the ground.

--Tam Lin, Child Ballad version #39C

So, Liz has given me permission to post the first three chapters of Blood and Iron online. Stealing an idea from truepenny, I'll be posting one chapter this month, one in April, and a final one in May. The book comes out June 27th, to compete as directly as possible with truepenny and scott_lynch, among others.

So, here's chapter one of Blood and Iron, in the more or less final form.

Happy Ides of March.

(If this intrigues you, you might also like to check out the goings-on at elaine_andraste. Because everybody has a livejournal, these days.)

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