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Remember, remember, the fifth of November?

Okay, I am such a geek. I have to say this.

The only thing that really got my knickers in a twist with regard to V for Vendetta was the hanging of Guido Fawkes. Which was presented cinematically as a modern, American-style drop hanging, and not the drawn out and nasty period affair of slow strangulation. (Plunkett & Macleane has an accurate one, albeit sans castration, drawing, quartering, and burning. They took their executions seriously, they did.)

Also, the original Guy was a redhead. And apparently a fine-looking, well-formed, and generally courageous man. He was a professional soldier, who had apparently acquitted himself quite well.

(Also, he wasn't the man behind the plot; just the first of the conspirators captured. The honor of being the guy... er... fellow... who was more or less the mastermind of the Gunpowder Treason (or at least being given enough rope by the Secretary of State, a certain Robert Cecil, 1st Earl of Salisbury, to hang himself--indeed, there are those who would put Cecil behind the plot entirely--Elizabethan and Jacobean politics have nothing on those of the Vendetta universe for disinformation and government manipulation of the populace... and the sovereign) falls to a certain Robert Catesby, who also rode in the Essex Rebellion. And apparently, was also at Rheims. Some people do get around.)

Of course, the layered ironies there just make the whole thing more thematically appropriate, on a meta level. Meanwhile, the V for Vendetta mythology also includes a kind of willful blindness to the fact that the Gunpowder Treason was intended to blow up not just a building but a whole bunch of people, including two small children.

...admittedly, one of those children grew up to be Charles I of England. About whom Monty Python famously note, "He was five foot six at the beginning of his reign, and only four foot eight by the end of it."

Okay. That's a losing argument. Carry on.
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