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Book 26, redux (I'm not counting Young Will. I just can't force myself to actually read it.)

Naomi Novik, Temeraire (AKA, His Majesty's Dragon)

What a lovely novel, and I'd say that even if I didn't know naominovik. A quick, pleasant read that maintains a sort of breezy fluency throughout, a tone that is mannered without being distancing. The tone puts me in mind of ellen_kushner's work, though the prose is plainer; if you like Patrick O'Brian, or Caroline Stevermer and Patricia Wrede's Sorcery and Cecelia, you will like this book.

It is brisk, unhesitant, cleanly-written, and while it is not tightly plotted its portrait of a world, a man, and a dragon is truly charming. Companion animal fantasy you don't need to feel ashamed of, firmly rooted in the tradition of the Napoleonic naval adventure. And there's a very well handled thematic element that I liked a great deal, wherein things are not always as they appear. I shall be pouncing on the rest as they appear.
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