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ten reasons why I like living in the future.

  1. As I sit here this morning working on my day job, my bread machine is in the kitchen making me lunch. Home robots = cool.
  2. As I sit here this morning working on my day job, I am in my pajamas, tucked up on the couch under a throw sent to me by a friend who I only met because we were involved in an internet workshop together. That's like three for the price of one, really.
  3. I am so buying a roomba the next time I sell a book. The cat needs the competition. Also, see above, home robots. And sweeping is no fun, anyway.
  4. Much knowledge is contained in either Google or Livejournal.
  5. No matter what I say or think, if I happen to express it in my blog, thousands of people the world around can either tell me how wrongheaded I am or offer unsolicited advice. Or both.
  6. The ability to stalk ex-lovers over the Internet
  7. Project Gutenberg, the Bible Gateway, Bartleby!, the Perseus Project, Wikipedia (even when it's wrong, it's still the coolest idea ever).  Etc. Not having to know something if I know where to find it.
  8. Alton Brown
  9. Flying cars. Since 1927, baby. In fact, it's a flying boat/car: Bucky did the future one better. I don't wanna hear any more bitching just because you capitalists couldn't drum up support for the damned thing.
  10. The absolutely unparalleled access to pr0n. Nancy Friday, eat your heart out.

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