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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

I am very pleased by the editorial decision Locus made with regard to the April issue (in which there are interviews with Justina Robson and me), which is to say: there's a great big picture of Octavia Butler on it.

Right on, Locus. All is as it should be.

I just wish they didn't need to run the damned picture, is all.


I think you look very fetching.
It is a cute shot. I still want Octavia back. :-P
You're not alone.
I have heard her name often yet have never read her, and last night in my amazon marathon I got a couple of her books. The descriptions alone make me want. :)

C with a madly growing list of wants since hopping onto this lj :) (I need more time to reeeaaddd!!!!!)
I think it's "Robson" not "Roberson." Unless it's Jennifer, and not Justina.

And I agree about the editorial decisions, of course.
and of course you are right. Sorry, Justina!
I love the picture! And I love the fact that there are THREE women on the cover. It seems appropriate that you and Justina were the featured subjects for that particular month.
OMG- as much as I mourn the loss of Ms. Butler, it is profoundly cool that you and she are on the same cover!

Is it on the stands? I will definitely score a copy... and you look squeezably cute in that photo, btw...

I don't know if you listen to podcasts, but Science Friday on NPR had Greg Bear, Octavia Butler, and someone whose name I forgot in a discussion about science fiction and science. It went up as a podcast the week she died, so I don't know how long ago it originally aired.
you may squeeze me at will. *g*
Oh, that's glorious, and like many glorious things, a great pity, as you say.

I love that picture of you. You look as if you are thinking evil authorly thoughts, the very finest evil authorly thoughts.

I was trying to figure out if I could hide behind the sofa, or if the photographer might follow me....