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Icon giveaway: if anybody wants these, they're free to good homes.

Two versions of the Timothy Dalton one because that is the best movie still in the history of movie stills, oh yes. Evillest Smile Evar.

Of course, my knowledge of the Internet kind of bit me on the ass while I was working on these, because it occurred to me that Somewhere Out There there is Richard/Philip, and then my brain went to a Very Bad Place involving Hannibal Lecter and James Bond. (1)(2)

And now I've shared with you.

Mental floss is in the cabinet over the sink. Be sure to leave enough for others.

(1) It could have been worse. Four words. The Mask of Zorro.
(2) And don't pretend like you didn't go there too.
Tags: gip, media, the lion in winter
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