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...don't you know what's out there in the world? (2)

more ten thingsers.



Currently, the most-often-used playlist on my computer is the one entitled "boys with guitars/girls with pianos." Of course, this is an overgeneralization, because it also includes some girls with guitars (Ferron, Janis Ian) and some boys with pianos (Warren Zevon, Tom Waits).

But it probably says something revealing about my psyche that, as far as its concerned, Tori Amos, Richard Thompson, and Mark Knopfler fall within the same set of moods. You'd expect to find the Ani DiFranco, Cat Power, Nanci Griffith, Liz Phair, Lucinda Williams, and Vienna Teng on one page, admittedly. But maybe not with the Warren Zevon. The Fleetwood Mac, while perhaps a violation in spirit, gets in on a technical application of the rules.

The Marilyn Manson, you will be relieved to know, is on another playlist. Over there with Gravity Kills and the Lords of Acid, where it belongs.

There is a Broadway Musicals playlist, too, as a sop to my inner queen. It's erratic, though--I can't stand The Phantom of the Opera, but I have Chess (3) , and The Scarlet Pimpernel (4), and Les Miserables (5), and Jesus Christ Superstar (3), and two versions of Annie Get Your Gun (6), and Into the Woods (7), and of course the best thing to hit Broadway in ten years, Avenue Q.

I haven't decided where the Alice Cooper goes yet.

I'll get back to you on that. (1)

(1) No, I don't feel like doing the media mining. Why do you ask? Gee, I wonder if the coffee is ready yet....

(2) God, I love Bernadette Peters

(3) The version that doesn't suck. God, I love Murray Head.

(4) Three versions. Or maybe four. I've lost track.

(5) The symphonic version

(6) Both with Ethel Merman, and I should get the Bernadette Peters (2) version, as well.

(7) The good version, and the revival that Sondheim bitched up by fiddling with the lyrics.


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