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My boss will make me change this before the summary goes out, so I reproduce it here:

From the daily news summary that comprises my day job (the infamous "media mining.")

26.) Community
B.) Some people are offended by the Meadows Malls' spring advertising campaign. Then again, some people are offended by whole wheat toast. 10 pm report;

I honestly can't tell if this is Christians offended because the mall is having a "spring" sale rather than an "Easter" sale, or if the non-Christians are offended because there are bunnies in the advert, and as we all know, the little furry fornicating S.O.B.s are well-known symbols of pagan fertility the passion and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

But, yanno, if people had better sex lives, I wouldn't have to listen to this dren.

Just saying.
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