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bear by san

March 2017



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can't sleep books will eat me

My entire productivity for the year 2006 so far? 3,992 words. For lo, I suck. *gets the shovel*

Progress notes for 27 March 2006:

"Love Among the Talus"

New Words: 1657
Total Words: 2330
Pages: 12, some of it outline
Deadline: March 31
Reason for stopping: stuff to do before I go to the gym

This story insists on being related by an omniscient narrator who sounds rather like Mr. Blackwell in an arch mood. I can't tell if this is actually entertaining, or merely twee.

But it's what I got.

Damn, this guy is a nasty piece of work. The narrator, I mean. Who is, incidentally, not a character in the story, but an omniscient voice. (Omniscient voices have personalities.) He is an arch-browed, condescending, scathing, smirking, ironical cat who says "as is doubtless evident," when what he really means is "you are too stupid to figure this out on your own."


Stimulants: coooofffeeeee
Exercise: going to do weights and cardio now
Mail: nomail
Today's words Word don't know: sandstones, shales, schists, fletch, resonances
Words I'm surprised Word do know: plutonic, metamorphic,
Mean Things: moral quandaries, shot a few people with arrows. It happens.
Tyop du jour: n/a
Darling du jour: To say that Nilufer could not be kept in a tower implies unfairly that she did not dwell in one, and that, of course, would be untrue.
Books in progress: not readin' nuthin!
Interesting tidbit of the day: n/a
Other writing-related work: sent out two galleys and the contracts for the Czech translation of Hammered. (Yes, the Czech is in the mail.)


I'm glad to see your progress posts again. I'm one of those dorks who like stuff like that. Then again, that's all my posts are about so...
There's a good possibility that I could fall in love with your narrator.
(Yes, the Czech is in the mail.)

This made my day so far.
Hell, even I've written more than that.

Can't wait to read the new stuff, whenever it does finally arrive :)
"The narrator, I mean. Who is, incidentally, not a character in the story, but an omniscient voice."

He's a character in the implied frame story.
That trope never works for me, sorry.


I know of problems with words Word doesn't know but perhaps... um, but perhaps.. 'as is doubtless evident' some of those words aren't words? (when used as plural nouns, specifically)

sorry, couldn't resist :) also don't have the OED handy so I may be FOS.

Your narrator sounds ace.
So if you have two types of shale, what are they?

All English nouns pluralize the same way, except the ones that don't.
Just because something is usually a mass noun rather than a count noun doesn't mean it always has to be. Using it as a count noun could be a way of ever-so-slightly changing the meaning or establishing the speaker's idiom. It's a kind of super-minor encoding.

Oooorrr maybe it's just a word Word doesn't know.
You don't suck.

You can't tell whether the narrator works until you're done. Just keep writing.

This story sounds really cool. Can't wait to see it :)
the Czech is in the mail.


The story sounds good. You are a good writer, and you do not suck. Do not sell the thinking time short.

I am currently counting down the days until the next chapter of Blood and Iron is posted. And the next. And the release date.
Shucks. *g* ;-)

groan and a serious question (to me, anyway)

*groan* Your narrator obviously whacked you with a rubber chicken. Or should.

Some time ago I copied the format of your progress notes in an attempt to force me to write. I found it useful. But I also find myself feeling like I stole something from you and am embarrassed I did not ask permission to begin with. Do you mind if I continue to use that format? I can take the old entries off if it offends. It is not like (ahem) I would have a whole lot of them to remove...

Example (and first usage, I believe) at irismoonlight.livejournal.com/72747.html#cutid1

Re: groan and a serious question (to me, anyway)

Dude. I stole it from papersky who no doubt stole it from somebody else.

Carry on.

Re: groan and a serious question (to me, anyway)

*delighted relieved chuckle* Thank you!
My entire productivity for the year 2006 so far? 3,992 words. For lo, I suck. *gets the shovel*

And for those of us who have written zero, zip, zilcha, nada -- what does that make us? :p
You suck too.

Oh, wait, were you looking for moral support? *g*
Nah, not really -- I know I can't get it from you *g* ... Inspiration, however -- that you shine out in bucketloads... :)
Hey' you;re doing better than me for 2006 so far.