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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san


Everybody can probably relate to this: the moment of horrified recognition of the corner you have just painted yourself into.

Like the dog standing on the train track looking up, tail still gently wagging....

So I have this thematic imagery running through this whole story of tall straight pale things. The princess, her bow, the tower, the mountains....

...so I'm coming up on the sex scene.


So to speak.


Can you not, Barbara Cartland-like, Draw A Veil?
And then, Dear Reader, Things Happened. Horrible, dire, dirty things. Involving a lot of grunting. And swearing. Occasional giggling. And a case of Irish whiskey, two dozen Mint Milanos, and a quart of WD-40.

Really. Just look away and let's continue with the rest of the story, shall we?

Shock the hell out of us. Don't do a sex scene. Make the characters frustrated! It's amusing and wrong. That's the cool thing about steering: You control it. Sure, it might be a bit bumpy off road, but you don't need a slash scene in every book do you... um, Bear? Do you?


It's het, sweetheart. *g* It's het.

And the story needs it, I'm afraid. *g*
they're going to have sex in her tower in the mountains with her bow as a sextoy? kewl
Seems to me the sex ought to be done standing up.
Oh, it'd better be f'n hot!
It appears to involve a mossy boulder. For she's away with the Raggle-Taggle Gypsy.
I really love you.
So she's on top, right?
Just close your eyes and think of England (or wherever you've set it) - and then write it all down (and send it to meee!).


Ask and you shall, etc etc.
*smirks* Oh, please say you've given the princess a Jack-Hammer Johnson... :p
But that's not white . . .
I can help with nuclear and quantum physics, solar dynamics I'm grand with... want to know the latest theories on the creation of the universe no problem...need some research done on the origin of something---I'm on it...

...so I'm coming up on the sex scene.

You're screwed. Sorry. :D Have a nice day.

*g* Good to know we're on the same page.

Maybe I can pith enough hortas to distract people.
Forget the beer. Go straight to chocolate. And then write the scene because your fandom wants to read it. :-D
I have a fandom?

And they're pervy?

Well, all right then.
That corner you mentioned? Darlin' I live in the damn thing.

As for the sex scene, the first thing that comes to my filthy little mind is bondage. With her hair.

And make it ver' ver' ver' hot. We likes hot. Yes, we does.
*fans self*
So long as it isn't tall straight pale and skinny, you're good to go. . .