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December 2021



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picture a tool

It is a manual demolition tool, neither a crowbar nor a wrecking bar, chiefly composed of an iron staff about four feet long. One end is thicker than the other. The more slender end is round, and capped with a mushroom-shaped metal end suitable for smacking the crap out of with your sledgehammer. The thicker end is four-sided, coming to a pyramidal point, suitable for whaling into things like old cement footings to make them go away.


What the heck is this thing called?

ETA THANK YOU WE HAVE A WINNER. It is a diamond-pointed digging bar.

[23:48] matociquala: it is a diamond-pointed digging bar.
[23:48] matociquala: we have a winner
[23:49] katallen: woo winner!
[23:49] jmeadows: Woo winner!
[23:49] jmeadows: *wanted to be the winner*
[23:49] jmeadows: *sniff*
[23:50] matociquala:
[23:50] jmeadows: Ooo, looks dangerous
[23:50] jmeadows: *swings one around*
[23:50] katallen: ::ducks::
[23:52] jmeadows: *grins*
[23:52] matociquala: It is amazing what a freaking relief it can be to know the name of something.
[23:52] jmeadows: yes
[23:53] katallen: ::nods::
[23:53] matociquala: It's like, this is why nameless evil is creepy.
[23:53] katallen: I find it a relief even when it turns out the word I wanted won't do anyway :)
[23:53] matociquala: you'd think people would just learn to call it Bob.
[23:53] jmeadows: *nodnod*
[23:53] matociquala: Yeah.
[23:54] matociquala: I mean, I still have to call it a wrecking bar, because it's 1123 and they're using it to pith a horta.
[23:54] matociquala: But still.
[23:54] matociquala: Now I know it has a name.
[23:54] katallen: yeah, nameless evil has to have some really scary reason why you don't call it something
[23:54] jmeadows: yeah. I always want to name it.
[23:55] katallen: like... it gets really pissed and kills you
[23:55] matociquala: Yanno.
[23:55] matociquala: "pith a horta" is a great turn of phrase.
[23:55] matociquala: pity I can't use that either.
[23:55] jmeadows: but finally figuring out something's name gives me the same great relief I feel when I have a melody in my head and I don't know what it is, and then someone tells me
[23:55] matociquala: Yes.
[23:55] katallen: totally
[23:55] matociquala: It's like click, it goes in its slot.
[23:55] jmeadows: (which, unfortunately, happens to me often.)
[23:55] matociquala: we are categorizing animals.
[23:55] katallen: (::nods::)
[23:56] jmeadows: (so I learn how to pick things out on my flute and make others tell me :D)
[23:56] katallen: heee
[23:56] matociquala: I mean, I'm still gonna call it a thingy when I ask somebody to hand it to me.
[23:56] matociquala: But now I know it has a name
[23:57] katallen: this is why English is a good language
[23:57] katallen: ::pats::
[23:57] jmeadows: yes. Thingy is good.
[23:57] katallen: (if it doesn't have a name for something it steals it for you)
[23:57] matociquala: yes.
[23:57] jmeadows: and "pass me the thingy" and pointing always works
[23:58] matociquala: I need the, ug, the--
[23:58] matociquala: THAT thing.



Whatever it wants to be called.

According to these folks, it's a pyramid demolition tool. They show pictures of what you're describing.

Re: Whatever it wants to be called.

Those are mechanized. This thing is just a hunk of steel.
Sounds like a gouger or a pitching tool to me.
Alas, those are mostly not ~four feet long. And the heads are flatter, more rectangular, not square. Good try, though.

I keep wanting to call it a wrecking bar, except it's not.
This place calls it a "pointed round" wrecking bar. We have giant one (several feet long, and with a flatter pointed end) that we use to break ice, but we always just call it the ice breaking tool.
Kind of like that, only with a business end that is heavier than the shaft, and square.


I will call it a bloody wrecking bar.

Thank you.
We call them tamping irons, on account of that was what we used the mushroom-shaped end for -- tamping down the dirt into a post-hole. And, of course, you could break things with it. Cement footings, incovenient tree roots, unnecessary fingers and toes....

We also called ours Big Bertha, but that may not be the answer you're looking for.
Except this is a tamping iron:

And the thing I am describing is kind of like that, except it doesn't have the flat square thing on the bottom; it has a think like a metal spear head, only long.

The rounded end is really only big enough to whale on with a hammer.

I've USED them, and I have no idea. Google will not aid me. Whine! And I can't call my dad and ask because it's too late.

Google is not helping me either.

My dad picked one up during his years on the road as a truck driver... He called it a wrecking bar, and that fits the description here:

The mushroom-shaped head is normally caused by all the pounding on it with a sledge. Our wrecking bar didn't have one when I was a little kid ('70's) but does now.
yanno, I am more used to thinking of wrecking bars as smaller things, but that seems to be the concensus name for the thing.

I dub thee wrecking bar.
I asked what ours is called (since I've only ever called it The Really Big Honkin' Nail) and was told the Vepco guys always called it a Digging Bar. No idea of an official name, however. We've used it for breaking up concrete, red clay, and caliche.


We have a winner. It is a "diamond-pointed digging bar."


I knew it had to have a FUCKING name. This is English. We have names for EVERYTHING.

Other places to ask

The little_details community.

The Project Wombat mailing list; see Successor to the Stumpers list, mostly for library personnel faced with questions they can't answer from their own resources. But nonlibrarians can join, and non-subscribers can ask questions.

What kind of questions do librarians get asked? Where can I buy clothing for my plaster geese? What color is a jabberwock? (That one didn't get answered.) Who was the German consol in New Zealand in 193_?
::raises hand:: The brain fatigue dysphasia thingy... that stuff is seriously style cramping.

I find google a help for when I can't face asking friends about a really simple obvious it'sonthetipofmytongueonlyitisn't word.

Losing the ability to take my vocabulary for granted is annoying, but it makes me appreciate when the words do pop up of their own accord.
I'm glad to know it has a name other than "bring me the really big prybar."

I'm sure my father will appreciate knowing as well :)
there is all so the think that john henry hit with the hammer.. the iron, or drill... a shaker bar is something different.,.