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picture a tool

It is a manual demolition tool, neither a crowbar nor a wrecking bar, chiefly composed of an iron staff about four feet long. One end is thicker than the other. The more slender end is round, and capped with a mushroom-shaped metal end suitable for smacking the crap out of with your sledgehammer. The thicker end is four-sided, coming to a pyramidal point, suitable for whaling into things like old cement footings to make them go away.


What the heck is this thing called?

ETA THANK YOU WE HAVE A WINNER. It is a diamond-pointed digging bar.

[23:48] matociquala: it is a diamond-pointed digging bar.
[23:48] matociquala: we have a winner
[23:49] katallen: woo winner!
[23:49] jmeadows: Woo winner!
[23:49] jmeadows: *wanted to be the winner*
[23:49] jmeadows: *sniff*
[23:50] matociquala:
[23:50] jmeadows: Ooo, looks dangerous
[23:50] jmeadows: *swings one around*
[23:50] katallen: ::ducks::
[23:52] jmeadows: *grins*
[23:52] matociquala: It is amazing what a freaking relief it can be to know the name of something.
[23:52] jmeadows: yes
[23:53] katallen: ::nods::
[23:53] matociquala: It's like, this is why nameless evil is creepy.
[23:53] katallen: I find it a relief even when it turns out the word I wanted won't do anyway :)
[23:53] matociquala: you'd think people would just learn to call it Bob.
[23:53] jmeadows: *nodnod*
[23:53] matociquala: Yeah.
[23:54] matociquala: I mean, I still have to call it a wrecking bar, because it's 1123 and they're using it to pith a horta.
[23:54] matociquala: But still.
[23:54] matociquala: Now I know it has a name.
[23:54] katallen: yeah, nameless evil has to have some really scary reason why you don't call it something
[23:54] jmeadows: yeah. I always want to name it.
[23:55] katallen: like... it gets really pissed and kills you
[23:55] matociquala: Yanno.
[23:55] matociquala: "pith a horta" is a great turn of phrase.
[23:55] matociquala: pity I can't use that either.
[23:55] jmeadows: but finally figuring out something's name gives me the same great relief I feel when I have a melody in my head and I don't know what it is, and then someone tells me
[23:55] matociquala: Yes.
[23:55] katallen: totally
[23:55] matociquala: It's like click, it goes in its slot.
[23:55] jmeadows: (which, unfortunately, happens to me often.)
[23:55] matociquala: we are categorizing animals.
[23:55] katallen: (::nods::)
[23:56] jmeadows: (so I learn how to pick things out on my flute and make others tell me :D)
[23:56] katallen: heee
[23:56] matociquala: I mean, I'm still gonna call it a thingy when I ask somebody to hand it to me.
[23:56] matociquala: But now I know it has a name
[23:57] katallen: this is why English is a good language
[23:57] katallen: ::pats::
[23:57] jmeadows: yes. Thingy is good.
[23:57] katallen: (if it doesn't have a name for something it steals it for you)
[23:57] matociquala: yes.
[23:57] jmeadows: and "pass me the thingy" and pointing always works
[23:58] matociquala: I need the, ug, the--
[23:58] matociquala: THAT thing.

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