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And even if it all went wrong, I'll stand before the lord of song

with nothing on my lips
but Hallelujah

snippet from a conversation from 1995:

matociquala: "So this is the Silly Wizard version of "Wha'll be King but Cherlie," which is a song about Bonnie Prince Charlie, subject of the Jacobite plan to put a child of James II back on the throne of Scotland..."

netcurmudgeon: "So, did they succeed?"

matociquala: "Well, you will note they call him Bonnie Prince Charlie...."

(Charles Edward Louis John Casimir Silvester Maria Stuart. Say that three times fast.)

Progress notes for 28 March 2006:

"Love Among the Talus"

New Words: 3,175 (600 of those from last night)
Total Words: 5505
Pages: 24
Deadline: March 31 
Reason for stopping: DRAFT!
Stimulants: The midpoint of the walk was lunch at Osaka. I had something called a valentine roll. Smelt roe, yellowtail, tuna, salmon, avocado, cucumber in rice paper. A contender for Best Roll Evar, with the caterpillar roll near retrobabble's soon-to-be-old place in the Bay Area, and the Black Widow Roll at Sushi Zen in Las Vegas. Also, huge.
Exercise: walked down to the town center to stop my mail and also for sushi, and back. ~4 miles
Mail: nomail
Today's words Word don't know: untrembling, indrawn, Khatun, armscyes, fletchings, moustached, concubinage, scrofular
Words I'm surprised Word do know: palanquin, morganatic, raiment
Mean Things: Oh, where to begin? The betrayals, the murders, or the incest?
Tyop du jour: fletchings got turned into felchings. Which I caught, thank god. (and half the class just left the building with their hands clapped over their ears and most of the other half are standing around going "huh?" To you, I say, trust me on this one and Don't Google.) (and the other ten of you are like, "But I was just headed over to Bob's--" and I'm cool with that. In theory.)
Darling du jour: "I am not cold," she answered, while the blood froze on the sides of her feet.
Interesting tidbit of the day: n/a
Other writing-related work: I need to do the CEM for "The Cold Blacksmith" tonight, as well.

First short story since some time last fall.

Happy now.

Hmm. Now I have to write the other three.

Tags: progress notes, short fiction

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