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bear by san

December 2021



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bear by san

And even if it all went wrong, I'll stand before the lord of song

with nothing on my lips
but Hallelujah

snippet from a conversation from 1995:

matociquala: "So this is the Silly Wizard version of "Wha'll be King but Cherlie," which is a song about Bonnie Prince Charlie, subject of the Jacobite plan to put a child of James II back on the throne of Scotland..."

netcurmudgeon: "So, did they succeed?"

matociquala: "Well, you will note they call him Bonnie Prince Charlie...."

(Charles Edward Louis John Casimir Silvester Maria Stuart. Say that three times fast.)

Progress notes for 28 March 2006:

"Love Among the Talus"

New Words: 3,175 (600 of those from last night)
Total Words: 5505
Pages: 24
Deadline: March 31 
Reason for stopping: DRAFT!
Stimulants: The midpoint of the walk was lunch at Osaka. I had something called a valentine roll. Smelt roe, yellowtail, tuna, salmon, avocado, cucumber in rice paper. A contender for Best Roll Evar, with the caterpillar roll near retrobabble's soon-to-be-old place in the Bay Area, and the Black Widow Roll at Sushi Zen in Las Vegas. Also, huge.
Exercise: walked down to the town center to stop my mail and also for sushi, and back. ~4 miles
Mail: nomail
Today's words Word don't know: untrembling, indrawn, Khatun, armscyes, fletchings, moustached, concubinage, scrofular
Words I'm surprised Word do know: palanquin, morganatic, raiment
Mean Things: Oh, where to begin? The betrayals, the murders, or the incest?
Tyop du jour: fletchings got turned into felchings. Which I caught, thank god. (and half the class just left the building with their hands clapped over their ears and most of the other half are standing around going "huh?" To you, I say, trust me on this one and Don't Google.) (and the other ten of you are like, "But I was just headed over to Bob's--" and I'm cool with that. In theory.)
Darling du jour: "I am not cold," she answered, while the blood froze on the sides of her feet.
Interesting tidbit of the day: n/a
Other writing-related work: I need to do the CEM for "The Cold Blacksmith" tonight, as well.

First short story since some time last fall.

Happy now.

Hmm. Now I have to write the other three.



Re: *iconloff back!*

...I don't need any more icons...

Re: It's all about the corpora

Heh. I will be using Windows 2000 and Word 97 until I switch to linux.

I don't upgrade microsoft products. It only encourages them.
That valentine roll sounds amazing. Now I want sushi...

And yay, draft!
It was num.

And heyuuge

ten pieces.

Good catch.

Yeah, that could have gone up on the workshop like a loaded bear trap.

Instead, I thought I would share it with THE ENTIRE INTERNET.
Ah, but the difference between workshops and the entire internet is that internet-people are expecting random disgusting. You can't avoid it on the internet. You can, however, still pretend to avoid it in that thing they call "real life".

Also, one should always say "moustachioed" for hilarity value, rather than "moustached".
It's sadly not crispy, but tasty nonetheless. And BEAUTIFUL.
Hmmm. It also wouldn't be as crispy as nori or rice paper, but how about taking the aburage used for making inarizushi, and just cut it into strips instead of the usual pockets? It's still not quite the same size as the typical nori sheet, but it's flexible enough that you could still use it as a base for rolled styles. (And most sushi bars would tend to have it in stock, so you might be able to talk a chef into using it in non-standard ways if you explain it's a matter of food allergies...)
Nope, I can vouch that the little tofu pockety things are perfectly flexible -- I make inari at home pretty often. But it still couldn't hurt to make nice to the chef 'cause it'll be a bit of extra work. I'd imagine that many restaurants tend to buy their aburage premade, as the big Asian megamarts around here often sell the stuff in food-service-sized bulk packages; and the readymade stuff is usually either in unsliced pieces about four inches square, or else presliced into half that size. Either way the chef would have to separate the layers and slice apart a couple of edges to make the biggest possible strip, and then would have to layer a few strips side-by-side to have enough surface area to be equivalent to a typical square of nori. But the stuff is so soft that it slices and separates into layers very easily -- extra work, but not at all difficult.

I'm allergic to the seaweed you wrap the rolls in,

Just total curiosity, because I've never met someone else who has a reaction to seaweed. But do you have problems with other seaweed products, like shampoo, or is it a pure food allergy?
::nods:: My mother is allergic to iodine, but I hadn't really connected that with seaweed, oddly enough.

Thank you. Makes sense and maybe gives me one peculiar reaction less (well it's all the same reaction, maybe :o) )

[When I was getting my lungs scanned they gave me a hypoallergenic alternate.]
Yay, draft!

Well, if Word didn't know fletch, the odds of it recognizing fletchings were pretty small. (And yes, I'm snickering over the tyop.)

Very happy for you! Have some virtual mocha caramel turtle cheesecake. But not with the sushi. It wouldn't go at all.
Osaka, huh? I wonder if it's related to our Osaka up here. Well, here being NoHo, which I consider local. They've got something called a Godzilla roll, which has just about everything.
I would guess that there's an Osaka Japanese Restaurant in most states. *g*
Probably--except maybe Delaware. One would think it would be down here in Springfield, though, since there's also a Springfield in every state. :-D

Anyway, congrats on the story, and have a safe trip. :-)
*g* As long as you're for learning things that cannot be unlearned, go linksurf the sex pages on wikipedia. My inner anthropologist is fascinated.

Really, I'm good right up until you get to one particular word.

And that word is "straw."
"Plus Maria, one of Bonnie Prince Charlie's names was Maria???"

It's a Catholic thing; it got to be popular in Counter-Reformation Europe. The Hapsburgs did it a lot.
To you, I say, trust me on this one and Don't Google.

Dear God in Heaven, you are NOT KIDDING.
*g* When I tell you not to google, I really do mean, don't google.

NB: you can learn a lot following the links on the sex-terminology-related pages in Wikipedia. Some of it will be things you can't unlearn.

Just saying.
Unfortunately, I had already run into this word. Last year, a friend of ours who was running a space-pirates game named a moon "Felch", which disturbed greatly the one member of our group who knew what it meant. Of course, he told us not to Google it, but we didn't believe him, either.

Some of it will be things you can't unlearn.

Yeah, but don't you wish you could? I think I'll just go over here and scrub out my brain with a stiff-bristle brush and some lye....