bear by san

December 2021



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bear by san

Why I rock.

brown dress pants
black and red fancy dress skirt
black cotton dress.


Green fuzzy sweater
blue silk shirt
green silk shirt
silver dress sweater.

green tank top
gray t-shirt to sleep in
long-sleeved brown tee
short-sleeved brown tee
long-sleeved black tee
short-sleeved black tee
long-sleeved green tee

two pairs of black pantyhose
Socks, undies
two bras

three pairs shoes: one walking, one dress walking, one dress

sneakers, black jeans, black turtleneck, white sweatshirt, and red suede jacket. Which I will wear on the plane.

(books, printouts, passport, boarding pass, train pass, laptop, notebooks, pens, ink, contact stuff, etc)

now, we try to make it fit.

(five minutes later)

[00:34] matociquala: J Peterman, eat your heart out.
[00:34] matociquala: That is all.
[00:34] matociquala: One standard backpack (plus the laptop case).
[00:34] matociquala: And not a backpacker pack either.
[00:35] matociquala: A book bag.
[00:36] katallen: pretty good work
[00:36] matociquala: *pumps fist in air*
[00:36] matociquala: *high fives Kat*
[00:36] katallen: yay!
[00:41] matociquala: oh, dammit. I need to pack the shoggoth...



Let me know how it goes. :) I'll be making the same trip, soon, though of course, dressed far less faaaaabulously.
In other news, I am too dim to log in before posting.

lj is evil in the out-logging fashion

You can borrow my skirt if you want. It's a little too long for me....

(I'm only bringing the fancy stuff because of the awards ceremony.)

Re: lj is evil in the out-logging fashion

If that's the BSFA awards ceremony, it's de-rigeur to wear ripped jeans and a stained t-shirt.

(Only barely kidding. It's not formal. The Clarke award is a different matter, but still ain't in black tie/evening gown territory.)

Re: lj is evil in the out-logging fashion

I have a dinner thing I need to dress up for too. besides, too late to unpack now...
And of course my mind immediately leapt to "...What, all at the same time?" before I could explain things to it. I need a new mind, dammit.
I used to want to write for the J Peterman catalog.

Hell. I still want to write for the J Peterman catalog.

Is there still a J Peterman catalog?

Now I want to write a Lovecraftian story in the style of J Peterman catalogue.
Go, go, go!
You go girl!

[admires impressive packing skills and gives approving wink]
ooh, sari!

If it weren't for the pesky "hard to clamber into a boat in a sari" issue, I'd convert a lot of my wardrobe into saris. Is there, perchance, a picture of you dressed thusly?